Friday, December 31, 2010


I don't have an entire year's worth of posts to go back on and reminisce over, but I do have half a year's worth! And I'm bored at work! So let's look at my two favorite outfits from each month in which I've had this blog.








Ta-da! Six months of putting clothes on and taking pictures of myself. Can't wait to keep doing it for the next six months! And beyond...

SALE: $15 Custom Portraits

So it's nearly the end of the holidays, so the sales are pretty much over, but I thought I'd be a bit late and offer a $15 sale on my Custom Portraits! Click the link here or on my sidebar for more details.

For examples of my art used as blog headers (in addition to my blog), check out She is Sara and Lulu and the Locket. Both are awesome girls, so even if you don't care about the art, check out their blogs anyway. ♥

My Deviantart gallery also has examples of what I can draw, if you want to commission something more complex than a simple portrait.

Email me or comment for any questions!

P.S. If you want to link to this post on your own blog, I'll do a free black and white drawing for you in return! Email me for more details.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Video Blog II

If you get through this, you are a god among men. Or just really bored.

This is the most god-awfully ridiculous vlog known to mankind. I went on and on and on for years originally, and this is just a tiny snippet of the random shit I thought would like... be slightly less boring than the rest. Greg will watch this and judge the hell out of me, but whatever! This is who I am, and how I talk, and the random crap I talk about irl, so why hide it from ye olde blogosphere? Who doesn't want to hear about the gunk coming out of my nose, anyway? ...Don't answer that! But seriously... I'll be up in my studio.

And yeah, sorry it got cut off while I was talking about Swordspoint. iMovie thinks it's okay to stop recording and not tell me about it. Apparently somebody needs to clean out her harddrive. Anyway, read Swordspoint, it's about a swordsman and his scholarly drop-out boyfriend and their sexy madcap adventures about the city. Intrigue, adventure, and man-on-man make-outs! Do read.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

100 Posts Ahoy

Here I am, excited about my 100th post, but also annoyed because none of my photos turned out well today! I blame this dress! It's a lot more clingy than I'd originally thought, so I need to get a slip for it. It makes my belly and hips a lot more defined than I would like in such a dress. Boo!

But YAY, it's my 100th post in this blog! I'm excited about it. I usually get excited about things worth celebrating, or at least worth mentioning as a milestone of some sort. I also hit 200 followers today as well, so it's a good day for blogland!

I'm wearing: F21 dress and cardi, teapot necklace from Mom, earrings from Rose.

While I am currently annoyed by this clingy-ass dress, I'm more than pleased with this new cardigan from F21. It's a semi-replacement of my other black cardi, which is getting a bit threadbare from so much use (or so I imagine). Anyway I had to get it due to the tiny hearts sewn all over it. Who can resist hearts! Not I.

This teapot necklace is another gift from my mom, who is a master twitter gifter! She sees me posting about things I like on twitter and then goes and buys them for me for Christmas. My mom's the best. Also the best: Rose, who got me these earrings for Christmas! They're awesome, and I'm going to wear them every day forever. ♥

Well this is kind of a let-down of a post considering it's my 100th post, but... what else can I say? I suppose I'll say something serious like, thank you all so much for your support on this blog. I started it in June thinking only my mom would ever read it, and now I have a super awesome group of friends I met through this thing, plus constant positive feedback and love. I can't express how much confidence this blog has given me, and how much fun it's been! Thank you all so much!

Now have a weird pose:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Elbow Patches!

I loved my outfit today. It's simple, but I like it. For some reason I love rich brown and black together, despite the fact that you're not supposed to wear them together. Well, as long as you follow the "rules" you're good, but I think fashion rules are the stupidest thing in the world, just saying. Anyway, I also have a slight obsession with cropped sweaters at the moment, and I've always loved elbow patches, so this sweater is my favorite thing in the world right now. I heart it to pieces!

I'm wearing: H&M sweater, Old Navy skirt, magnifying glass necklace from Mom, Crown Vintage boots via DSW.

Also check out my boots! I got them on Boxing Day with my mom at DSW, on sale for 40% off! I love sales. And these are just the kind of boots I was looking for, with bonus cool little fringe thingies on the front. Fringe thingies! They are super comfortable, and like I said in my twitter, they make me feel like a Victorian hipster-witch. ...So basically, awesome.

This necklace is my new favorite piece of jewelry. It's a Christmas gift from my mom, and I won't deny it -- I totally wanted it because it reminds me of Sherlock Holmes! What with that and the elbow patches, I just need a pipe and I could be like... a professor/detective from Victorian England (in my mind). A girl can dream.

I just got back from watching Black Swan with my bestie/neighbor Rose, and it was so stressful. Really good, but so stressful. I will never pick at the skin around my cuticles ever again.

Well, herpa derp. I'm out of things to say. Time for bed I guess?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Sweater Yeah!

Sorry about the lull in my blogging there, dudes. Not sure what happened. Or am I...! Well I spent all Saturday sleeping in too late and Christmas shopping, then I worked on Sunday and Greg and I have been marathoning the first season of Dexter since then. So clearly, not much time for blogging in there. I mean, Dexter > blogging, SRY2SAY. (Not really... maybe.)

I'm wearing: Second-hand skirt (via Buffalo Exchange), vintage sweater from Mom, F21 hat, Target earrings.

I looooooove this flipping sweater. It is my absolute favorite Christmas sweater, and yes, I wear it even when a bit inappropriate for the season. Ever since my mom gave it to me back in high school (ten years ago???), I've loved it. I even wore it when short, '80s style sweaters weren't super "in"! Holy shit! I'm such a trend-setter you guise, with my '80s sweaters before they were cool. /HIPSTER HIPSTER ALERT

Anyway. Dexter is way amazing, in case anybody asks. I figured it might be kinda dumb, since everybody and their mom watches it (see, I'm such an asshole like that), but turns out it's pretty awesome. Dexter is a great protagonist. I hate boring "everyman" protagonists, so Dexter is a nice change from like... well I can't think of any boring everyman characters right now, except John Sheppard from SGA, but I liked him, so the example doesn't work. Well whatever you get the idea.

I've been feeling pretty under the weather lately, which you'll know if you follow my whining on twitter. I definitely feel a cold coming on, but I've been fighting it off with tons of tea and honey, Halls lozenges (I love this word: lozenge), and little to no physical exertion. That's right, I'm going out of my way to avoid physical exertion. It's hard, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice. Gives my body energy to fight the good fight! and all that.

I'm thinking I'll want a hot toddy later tonight before bed. Does anyone know if you can replace the whiskey in a toddy with rum? We don't have whiskey but we may have this really awful rum still in the cupboard from ages ago. Which I would totally use. Hmmm, we'll research it.

Also, still planning on making a video blog, but I haven't the energy to act cool on-camera while fighting off a cold. Boo.

Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm Old Gregg

Today I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, so I'm going to keep this one short. It's an annoying post anyway, as it's like... the exact same outfit/color scheme as my previous post, so you may as well not even look at these pictures. I'm so repetitive and boring, blogger fail! *moment of self-loathing*

Target skirt, cardi, and tights; F21 shirt, hat, and earrings.

I'm planning on doing another video blog sometime soon, but I don't know what to talk about. If any of you have any questions, topics, or random things I can ramble about, let me know! If not, I'm just gonna talk about Misfits and The Mighty Boosh, and nobody wants that.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hugs Come Before Toast

Holy shit, when I took these photos (like an hour ago), I hadn't showered in two days! Gross Town, population: me! Do I have the motivation to shower and get dressed again to take photos for my blog? No. Therefore you get greasy-haired pre-shower photos. Check it out.

The "I have greasy hair, look at it" face.

So yeah. My life is full of balloons and confetti joy! Do you know why? I bought tickets for this! It's an HD broadcast of the Frankenstein play that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be in with Johnny Lee Miller this coming April. Directed by Danny Boyle. I can't even. It's going to be uh-may-zing!

I'm wearing: Target dress and tights, F21 cardi and hat.

Well well well well. This dress. I don't think it's been in my blog since one of my very first posts, which I won't link here, because my hair was awful in it, but if you're super bored you may try to find it yourself. Anyhow, this dress fits oddly in the bottom and I don't think it really flatters my figure too well, but I love the mustard ruffled top! It makes up for the bottom part. Yay this dress. With the red hat it's like McDonald's colors. I will never eat fast food again, by the way. Last time I ate BK my bowels wanted me to die.

My calf is doing that thing where it's feeling all tight and twitchy, which means at some point it's going to charlie horse, and I'll roll around on the floor crying while Greg tries to calm me down. I hate charlie horses! They are The Worst.

This last picture is what happens when my camera decides to be on the 2 second timer instead of the 10 second timer, and goes off when I'm not expecting it. I go, "Wtf, camera!" and throw my hands up in exasperation.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Game Is On

For love of all that is holy, you owe it to yourselves to watch Sherlock. I know, I've never spoken of it before, but it's this crazy awesome series about Sherlock Holmes in a modern setting, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman -- how can you go wrong. There is excitement, action, mystery, bromance, badassery, and the Cumbervoice. Resistance is futile.

And just so you don't have any excuses, YOU CAN WATCH IT STREAMING ONLINE.

So go, you guys, and watch! And then understand and be more horrified by the artwork I've been posting here. Now my work is done, and I shall sleep soundly tonight.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


The Tron: Legacy soundtrack is... how do you say... FUCKING AWESOME. Just thought I'd let you know. How can you go wrong with Daft Punk and Tron, though, really? I don't think you can. It's not possible in this world.

I'm wearing: American Eagle shirt, H&M skirt, Wet Seal belt.

For some reason I've been really averse to wearing two bright colors at once in a single outfit lately. Is that weird? I used to be all about wearing a billion bright colors at once, but lately it makes me feel super tacky. I'm all over neutrals with a "pop of color" (puke) lately. Can I just say, I hate the phrase "pop of color" (please note that I used it ironically)? It is the most over-used, trite, stupid fashion/blogger phrase I've ever heard. If you've used it please don't take this personally! I'm not attacking anyone; I've probably used it myself in the past. I just... it is so flipping cliche and cheesy. Pop of color, guys! Also hate the phrase "touch of whimsy". Uuuuuggghhhh kill me now. I think there should be a list of phrases fashion bloggers shouldn't be allowed to use, and those would be at the top of the list. If you're going to be a writer (and bloggers are writers), at least use an original descriptive phrase here and there. We don't allow that kind of cliche crap in real writing, so why should bloggers be throwing it around like crazy people? ...So that just turned into a rant. My bad. Yes I am easily riled up over stupid things.

Er... ANYWAY, so I don't often wear colors all together like this (or I try to stick to more subdued colors at any rate), but this green top is pretty calm, almost neutral-y, and I dunno it just felt right at the moment of looking for clothes to wear. Plus all I did today was hang with my girl Ashleigh, who sweetly let me subject her to episode 1 of Sherlock! And then we watched Mansfield Park, which will always be a favorite. Ah, lazy Sundays.

Debating whether I want to journey to F21 to exchange those dresses for some more much-needed cardigans. It's just so cozy here inside.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sad is Happy for Deep People

Well, a bird pooped on my windshield today. Oh yeah, bird? Well fuck you too!

My eyes are freaking out once again, which clearly means I need to get off my ass and actually buy some new glasses. But glasses are so expensive... whine, moan, grumble. I seriously may just buy some cheapo frames at UO and get Lenscrafters to put prescription lenses in them. I mean they'd probably be higher quality than my current glasses, anyway.

I'm wearing: H&M top (from years ago in Germany), French Connection skirt (via Buffalo Exchange), Target cardi, Wet Seal belt.

I'm listening to a Christmas album my parents and I used to love back when I was a kid. It reminds me of my childhood, which makes me happy and a bit melancholy. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, and some of my favorite music is Christmas music. I'm not a huge fan of the newer stuff, all of that pop Christmas music is stupid (except the Paul McCartney one, that one rules). I'm more into traditional carols, sleigh bells, harps, flutes, wassailing, all that. Apparently this album is Romanian, as it has a bunch of Romanian carols on it that have become tradition to me. "Patapan," anyone? Such a great Christmas song that often gets overlooked (although it is French, not Romanian).

When I was learning how to play the harp, it was nearing Christmas time and my teacher said something about Christmas music being some of the most beautiful music ever written. It truly is. The great majority of the songs I know on my harp are Christmas carols.

I really wish I had my harp with me in Portland; I've been hankering to do some recording. Long ago I did a cover of Jethro Tull's "Fires at Midnight," but it was pretty bad and I'm an awful singer. However it was a fun experiment, and I'd like to try it again.

Feeling kind of nostalgic and melancholy at the moment. It's this music! Not that it's a bad feeling. As Sally Sparrow said in the episode "Blink" of Doctor Who, feeling sad is "happy for deep people."