Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Love Letters to Shaun and Stacey

I feel dreadful.

It's not just that I'm home after a long, amazing vacation with Shaun and Stacey, two of my best friends in the world. It's not just that I had to go back to work after days of lazy drives through the LA golden hour, hair whipping across my face, the windows rolled down. It's not just the 5:00 a.m. alarm.

I'm happy to be home with Lyall again, of course. And happy beyond words to be back with my games! (Thedas, I'm home again.) But I'm overwhelmed by the crushing reality of coming down from so many highs, the return to reality from a world where it was just me, my friends, a city, and lots and lots of good food.

Now every damn song I listen to reminds me of them.

I miss them so much.

And like... Stacey is pretty much my long-distance boyfriend, as I've gone over. You know that feeling you get when there's one person you want to be around all the time, talk to all the time, think about all the time? A person who you can't stop talking about to the point that you're clearly annoying everyone around you? Yeah. That's Stacey. It's this weird obsessive friendship where I want to learn every little thing about her and I couldn't imagine sharing my affection with anyone else. I have zero interest in dating anyone because I have her. I like her so much that she makes me nervous when I'm around her?? And she lives almost 1,000 miles away. A THOUSAND MILES. I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more... to internet stalk voice actors with Stacey. I don't... know where I'm going with this, except that it fucking sucks how far apart we are and I would legitimately 100% be even more of a mess right now and/or planning my next trip to visit her if she weren't already coming to see me in a matter of weeks.

And Shaun. SHAUB. She's one of those people I will always always love so intensely because of the year we shared together in London. Before that we'd never been close friends, but I loved her immediately when we reunited at Speedy's Cafe that September. Nobody else can possibly understand that part of my life like she can. We've only lived in the same city for that year in London, but it was one of the most important and formative years of my life, and I'll always make a point of seeing Shaun as much as I can whenever I can. She's one of those people who makes everything more fun and hilarious just by being there. I hate that she's so far away. I miss my London boyfriend!

So... this post was going to be super brief but it became a love letter to Shaun and Stacey I guess. Oops? Except not because I could write love letters to them every day.

There's just something about my girl friends. They mean more to me than any boyfriend could. They're emotionally supportive and encouraging. They understand me. They accept me exactly the way I am, and never ask me to be anything different. I love them so much and I miss them when they're not here.

I'm so sad. I had an amazing time in LA, but I'm so sad.

My only consolation is that I can be reunited with my Portland besties for the Hollywood Theater Oscars party this weekend, which is gonna be amazing.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Fucking Monday

God, life has been overwhelming/busy as hell lately, and simultaneously more of the same. Work is good, friends are good, Lyall is good. Video games? Good.

I haven't been out and about much because I'm trying to save money for what feels like a billion upcoming trips this year. On Thursday I leave for LA, where I get to spend five days with two of my favorite people, Shaun and Stacey. I can't actually express how excited I am to see Shaun again (I haven't seen her since Denver Comic Con last year!) and finally meet Stacey, my platonic life partner. Like... I'm supernova fly-me-into-the-sun levels of excited. Do not get me started.

So then next month I'm going to Emerald City Comicon, which will be my second time going and my first time attending for the full three days. The whole girl crew is going, and we're rooming with Sam and then hopefully seeing Jess on Sunday and it's going to be a ridiculous weekend of geeky party girl times! Yeah! Plus Sam and I are getting Stargate tattoos, so basically best weekend!

Okay and I tried to blog about this last week but I was TOO EXCITED, so since I'm feeling more chill now I feel like I can write about it without spontaneously combusting: I'm going to San Diego Comic Con 2015!!! The Comic Con. And yeah, okay it's called Line Con now and is probably just a giant insane shit show but y'know what I don't even care because this has been on my bucket list for years. I'm actually going to be volunteering instead of outright attending for ~fun~, but passes are pretty much 99.9999% impossible to get now anyway. Megan's family has volunteered for the past couple of years, so they passed on the info, and we had to jump through a few hoops but we got on the list! I had talked to Stacey last year about trying our best to get SDCC passes for 2015 so we could do some sort of Mass Effect cosplay or just wear matching Mass Effect shirts together, idk, so when I signed up for the volunteer list I made her do it with me. No Stacey left behind! I can't really even start to talk about how excited I am about this, or how we found affordable housing somehow (we had a really good week last week), or how much fun it's gonna fucking be at the center of the geek universe with two of my favorite people on the planet, so I won't. I'm just. Really really. Excited.

If I had an unlimited amount of money and time, I would 100% be going to Denver Comic Con again this year and Phoenix Comic Con to see my dad, but I don't. Which is super disappointing, because I wanted to do both of these things and I just don't think it'll work out. I don't know how many times they will give me time off work for a comic con, like seriously Meg. Chill out with the cons. (Plus I wanna go to PAX in September. Help me I have a problem.)

In closing, I've been playing Dragon Age 2 again (for the 6th time; I know). And. I really really love Hawke. A lot. Like. I'm starting to severely regret my life and my choices. Is it too late to retroactively make Alistair king without feeling deeply wrong about it? ...No? Okay.