Sunday, August 25, 2013


I'm sorry for the extended absence, and lack of updates regarding the 30 Day Shred. A lot of things have been happening. Last Monday Greg and I broke up, and the next afternoon my dad flew in from Phoenix and helped me drive up to Portland. We arrived at my friend Ashleigh's house around 7:30am Wednesday morning, and here I am.

Everything happened so fast that I'm still processing it. I'm happy to be back in Portland, but it's been extremely hard. I'm so, so sad. Incredibly sad. I don't want to go into details but Greg's and my lives just weren't syncing up anymore, and while I know this was the right thing to do, I feel like a shell of myself. Part of my being has been pulled out of me, leaving a gaping, angry red wound, and I'm left trying to hold myself together and alive. I don't feel whole right now. Who knows how long it will take to feel myself again, but at least I know it will happen eventually. I just have to be patient and be good to myself and take everything one day at a time.

And now I think I'll stop before I make myself cry. Just wanted to update you all.