Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Incoherent Babblings

So this first picture is like, pretty much the only one that turned out to my satisfaction in this entire shoot, which is stupid because look at it, and also I thought my pictures had come out pretty well! Only they didn't. Too dark. AS USUAL.

Disclaimer: I've been on a super caffeine high today so please forgive everything said below. It's the drugs.

I'm wearing: H&M skirt and cardi, Delia's boots, F21 bow sweater, gift earrings.

UGH YOU GUYYYSSS. ...I don't know. I just felt like saying "ugh you guys" because it accurately expresses my feelings about my blog right now. I am extuh-reeeeemely annoyed at Oregon's weather right now. Usually I love dark, overcast and rainy days, but they are truly not conducive to outdoor photo shoots. It rained all day today, so even if I'd had a chance to go outside during the day, I'd have been rained on and my camera would have died in all likelihood. I'm so frustrated. My photos have just been so awful lately, what do I do? Should I buy an extra light to use as a "spot light"? I'm at a loss. Help.

Had a bit of cheer today though when I watched Heather's super adorbs video blog, though! Go watch, it's heart-warming and sweet. Also just follow her blog, because it rules and it's one of my faves.

Now then. It is most definitely time to go read some NC-17 Sherlock fic. Don't judge me. What other rating is there? No, honestly you guys, if I see a fanfic rated anything below R I pass it on by. Fer serious. Fanfic is SRS BZNS. No gratuitous violence and/or porn? No thanks. (Okay not really, I only do this sometimes... most of the time... why am I talking about my fanfiction reading habits in this blog now? Yesterday: CARS! Today: FANFIC! Tomorrow: Puppies?) Who even knows anymore.

Okay guys, I'll just leave you alone now.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bit Not Good

Well, my dad is back in Phoenix, safe and sound. I miss him. We spent a lot of time just sitting on the couch with our laptops, but even then it was nice to have him here. It was hard on me when he left Missoula, and it's harder still when I see him for a bit and then he has to leave again. I love you, Dad! I had such a good, relaxing Thanksgiving with you and Greg. ♥ (Subliminal message: MOVE TO PORTLAND.)

I'm wearing: American Eagle tee, F21 cardi, H&M skirt, Delia's boots.

As a gift for the holidays, my dad got me a giftcard to H&M, so naturally we went there on Black Friday. I found this effing sweet skirt, which is something I'd never have picked out except that I have this bizarre attraction to leopard print lately, and I'm also drawn to things with neon bits in them (despite my attempts to quash such attractions). The silly corsety thing at the front is an added bonus. I was worried the skirt wasn't going to work with my style, but lo and behold, I can pretty much work anything into my style, as I don't really have a style. HA! Thwarted, leopard skirt with neon bits! You are mine now. You have been conquered.

Greg and I have been watching a lot of Top Gear for the past... well, couple months I guess. It's what we do when we have nothing else to do (which is a lot of the time). It's a show about cars. I don't know how else to explain it, except that it is hilarious and amazing and I now have a girl boner for expensive cars. I guess they started a US one on the History Channel, of which I am very skeptical, but a reliable source says it's not that bad. I may have to check it out. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think? ...And now my blog has become a discussion of car shows.

Feeling rather not myself today, i.e. I have eaten 2 pieces of pumpkin pie, a cinnamon roll/danish thing, too much Coke Zero, and Wine Gums (which I found in the tiny British section of Fred Meyer, I am so lame). Oh, and a chicken and mayonnaise sandwich. Also I am a pile of ennui. Eff it, I'm going to watch Merlin and then go to bed. Happy Sunday, guys.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Rules

This morning my dad and I walked to Zupan's to get espresso and pastries. The coffee shop right around the corner was closed. What the hell, guys? Closed on Thanksgiving? How dare you spend the day with your families instead of serving us coffee. Thank goodness for Zupan's.

Afterward we went to this really great mossy cemetery that's a few blocks away from our apartment. It was quiet and full of all these lovely, weathered gravestones. The coolest was a little cathedral-esque mausoleum thing, at which we (of course) had to take some photos.

I'm wearing: Wet Seal dress, Target scarf and socks, Old Navy coat, F21 hat, Ross boots.

I like that last photo because it looks kinda ~ghostly~ or whatever. Lol 'cause it's in a cemetery trolololo!

So this is the first Thanksgiving I've spent outside of Missoula in... actually, ever. It's rather sad, but I'm happy to be here with my dad and Greg. In light of it being Thanksgiving and all, I'd like to make a (long-ass tl;dr) list of things I'm thankful for. I like to come up with original ideas like that, you know, keeping it real and exciting.

I'm thankful for Portland, and the incredibly wonderful, warm, and lovely friends who reside within it. They make me so happy, and we have had some super fun times since I moved out here. I'm thankful for a group of people to see the new HP movie with, people to go to Trek in the Park with, people to laugh with, and people to pester when I'm bored.

I'm thankful for Ashleigh and Pablo, who let me stay on their floor for two weeks while I got settled here in Portland, and who are two of the most fun, warm, silly, and amazing people I've had the privilege to know. I'm thankful for Rose and Matt, who let me stay with them multiple times in the past, and who are always so sweet and welcoming and dorky and amazing.

I'm thankful for Rose, my sister regardless of blood relation, who always manages to make me feel better when I'm down, and who can still make me laugh more than anybody else I know, just by being herself.

I'm thankful for Greg, who stuck with me through four months of absolute stress when we were unemployed and scared we wouldn't be able to stay in Portland, who put up with my irritability and my crying and my anger and my fear and everything else.

I'm thankful for my dad, who even though he was struggling himself, sent me money to help pay for groceries and necessities.

I'm thankful for everybody who commissioned art from me when I was desperate, because it made a world of difference and I was able to give them heartfelt thanks in the form of art that I imbued with my own gratefulness and love. 

I'm thankful for Shaun, who resurrected my inner slash fangirl.

I'm thankful for my mom, who listens to me ramble forever on the phone about Sherlock, feminism, work, the internet, and whatever random crap pops into my head at the moment. I'm also thankful for her constant love, support, and presence in my life at the times when I need her the most.

I'm thankful for the books that have taken me out of this world and into other ones, and rescued me from life exactly when I most needed an escape. I'm thankful for the drive to work, that allows me to turn up my music as loud as I want, and lets me contemplate life in a cocoon of warmth and song. I'm thankful for my coworkers, who continue to be generous, funny, and entertaining in what would be an otherwise tedious job. I'm thankful for so many other things, but those are the ones I think are most meaningful.

I hope you all have a marvelous holiday, and don't buy too many things on Black Friday! I know I will. I mean won't. I mean... what?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Bit Early For This Sweater

I like how my outfit photos are just getting worse and worse. I've got to think of something to do in order to remedy that. It's just so hard when it's dark when I go to work, almost dark when I get home, and then freezing during the day. Bah. Any suggestions for a solution?

I'm wearing: F21 dress, vintage sweater from Mom, Walgreens tights, Claire's leg warmers, Delia's boots.

Greg, my dad and I are watching Planet Earth right now, the episode about deep seas. Holy shit. What if you had to live down there? With the "vampire squid from hell"? And writhing foot-long pill bugs, eels, and giant crabs devouring carcasses that have drifted down from the sunlit sea above? Blarrrrghh! I have the heebie jeebies now. X-TREME willies.

"Who needs sci fi when you've got this, y'know?" says Dad, taking a sip of Blue Moon. I should probably get back to that then. Have a glorious Thanksgiving, fellow Americans! ♥

Monday, November 22, 2010

Poor Excuse For A Blog Post

Ohhhhhkay so I was gonna update my blog over the weekend, but then I didn't! Because? I am Lazy. Also I feel like I've been wearing pretty much the same thing over and over and over, and who wants to see repeats all over the blogs they read? Pfff. Nobody. (I say, as I wear the same exact sweater I wore like 2 posts ago.)

So my uniform lately, as it's been for a while now, is: black tights, black boots, girly dress, cardigan, possible beret. REPEAT. I'm afraid of being a broken style record and nobody will love me anymore. So instead I take stupid pictures of myself making faces and hope nobody will notice that my outfits are the same every day!

I'm wearing: H&M sweater, Papaya dress, F21 hat, gifted earrings.

I am gonna try really hard to make this an entertaining post, and will inevitably fail. First, I want to say, I plan to do a "body image" post or whatever, and mostly it'll just be about my own personal experiences with it and it may not be interesting or relevant, but I feel it's an important issue when it comes to style blogs and I want to talk about it. So there. But yeah I keep wondering how I should go about it, so I'm putting it off. Soon, though! Soon... I'll write it.

So who here has seen The Mighty Boosh? I'm such a recent fan it's almost uncool, but I just finished watching the 3 seasons and am soon to move on to the live shows, and I'm totally obsessed. Noel Fielding is my absolute hero, and I want to be Vince Noir. Uh yeah. If you haven't seen this glory of a show, you must. It's insane and hilarious and pretty much the best thing ever. I wish I looked like Noel Fielding. No joke. (Greg would say, "I'm glad you don't.")

This is the wallpaper of my phone right now. I enjoy opening my phone and just... staring...

I don't feel like embedding video here, but you really should check out Old Gregg. This is a clip from one of their episodes, I believe season 2... anyway, it always give me the super heebie jeebies, but YOU MUST WATCH.

Okay that's it guys it wasn't entertaining after all, go away, stop reading this silly thing. (NO DON'T.)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Awkward Video Blog (aka AWKVLOG)

I DON'T EVEN KNOW. Sorry it's so dark. And I can't ever stop poking at my hair. Baahhh!

If this totally sucks please let me know, in kind words, so I won't ever do it again. If it rules, please let me know in even kinder words so I'll do it more! Thank you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Super Red Dress

Ohohoho. I still can't be bothered to take my pictures outside. Welcome to Lazytown, population: me. Also my hair is super messy today! I don't know what happened, it just decided to be kind of a rat's nest. Not that I mind too much. It comes with the territory when you have curly hair.

I'm wearing: H&M dress and cardigan, Walgreens tights, Delia's boots.

My dad bought me these boots years ago as a gift, and I only occasionally wore them, as I wasn't much of a boots girl until recently (I still feel like boots quite shorten my legs, and they're short already, but I love boots so screw it!). Now, though, I wear them every day. Pretty much every day, anyway. I love them so. You can't really see them at all in these photos, though; they just look like a black blob. They're really not a blob, I swear. They're super cute.

So here are some more new things from H&M, as you can see. The dress was purchased on Saturday, and it is the best dress ever, but clearly it's a bit... well, it shows my bra more than I'd like and I didn't know this until I got to work, but don't worry -- I had my cardi buttoned up all day. Speaking of this cardi, isn't it the best? Its texture is so great, and it's quite warm, and the little puff shoulders are icing on the cake. I knew I had to own it the second I touched it at the store, so here it is! I heart you, cardigan.

Now can I just say, you guys? Benedict Cumberbatch is, if possible, in possession of the Best Voice Known to Mankind. Do I dare compare it to the voice of Alan Rickman? YES. INDEED I DO. I DO DARE. So if you've no idea what I'm on about, please direct your attention to exhibit A: In which Bennie discusses Sherlock's relationship with John; I wonder why I chose this clip? EVERYBODY GO WATCH SHERLOCK NOW. And do I really need to enlighten you all as to how Alan Rickman's voice sounds? I should hope not.

All right. That's enough babble for now. I must go eat food, and then see if I can sync up the audio of the Sherlock DVD commentary along with my extremely legal copies of the episodes. Serious business.

I swear I'm not meaning to show everyone cleavage in this last photo. I just liked how my hair looked... Greg will hate me!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Look at this ~Winter Hat~

I liked my outfit today until I started taking pictures of it, and then I didn't anymore! How frustrating. Also my hair was/is super unwashed, so it kinda ruined the whole effect. Therefore I took off the dumb old sweater I'd been wearing, and shoved my head into this winter cap. And forgot to take any further full-body shots.

I'm wearing: F21 dress, Target hat.

Oh man! So I ventured back to H&M around 11:00 this morning, because I needed to return some dresses I'd bought in a mad rush on Thursday that ended up not fitting. I was like "TROLOLO NOBODY ACTUALLY GOES SHOPPING BEFORE NOON ON A SATURDAY~" but I was completely wrong. The entire female population of Portland goes shopping on Saturday morning, and they are all at H&M.

I did end up spending over an hour in the store, wandering back and forth between floors, picking things up, leaving them randomly about after deciding I didn't want them, and generally looking at the same things about ten different times throughout the trip before deciding I didn't want them. (This is how I shop alone, I'm sure most people are gratified to know. I do not shop this way with friends. They would strangle me to death with their own bare hands if I did.) I ended up leaving with only two things, two dresses to be precise. They are amazing. Just you wait.

Then I came home, ate some Lean Cuisine pizza, and watched an episode of The Mighty Boosh. The episode gave me the serious heebie jeebies, and also made me quite tired (I'd been up since 9:00 after all -- ridiculous), so I took a 3-hour nap. I am now still where I was when I woke up from said nap, only I'm in a semi-sitting position, and I'm contemplating walking to the store to get pop and then spending the night catching up on Merlin and possibly making a Netflix account so I can watch Doctor Who streaming on demand. Which I hope is actually streaming on demand, because if not wtf am I on about.

So, overall, INTERESTING DAY. Glad you cared.

Oh, P.S., I've been considering doing a post on body image, confidence, weight loss, and all of that sort of thing (or rather, my personal experience of such things). Would anyone be interested in that? Or is that too serious and boring to read?

Friday, November 12, 2010


You see, I DO STILL EXIST! I said I'd get a memory card! And I did. 96783101002340256 years later. Also it is apparently too dark outside when I get home now to do outdoor shots! Must now bring tripod to work and do it during lunch, or continue with these really dark bedroom ones. We'll make that decision later.

So yeah, H&M happened. Oregon just got our first H&M yesterday, and it's in the Pioneer Place mall right here in Portland! It is three stories! It is INCREDIBLE. I peed my pants from the joy of it. I did. Pee everywhere. H&M YOU GUYS H&M I CAN'T EVEN. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SAVE MY MONEY EVER AGAIN.

I'm wearing: H&M sweater, Target dress, Walgreens tights, Ross boots, Claire's earrings.

TURNS OUT, Walgreens has super high-quality, heavy duty tights for way cheap. This was a monumental discovery, as I tend to rip my tights about two seconds after putting them on, or even as I'm initially taking them out of their packaging. So to find some tights that stood up to my stretching and prodding at the store, and have lasted through the day (amazing) is quite the discovery! They don't really have the most exciting tights there, so I'm still going to Target for my patterned tights needs, but Walgreens is so where I'm going from now on when I need basic tights.

So I guess I'll update you all on what I've been doing lately in Megland, but it's really not that interesting. I've been working, and trolling the internet. No seriously I trolled omegle for a while but didn't get much response. I am Fail Troll. I've also been on tumblr obsessively, and if you're brave enough to click that link and visit mine, you'll see what I've been thinking about lately: Sherlock, Doctor Who (as per usual), Harry Potter, The Mighty Boosh, Top Gear, and various other British fandoms.

I'm reveling in my Anglophilia lately. I went to a traditional British fish & chips shop with a friend last night after ransacking H&M, and it was so great. They had all these imported sodas and condiments from Britain, and the decor was all London-y, and it was pretty much the best thing of my life, ever. If you're in the Portland area and you like English things, you should probably go to the Fish & Chip Shop on Killingsworth. You owe it to yourself.


And lastly, my camera was being a complete cock and turning itself off every two seconds while doing my photo shoot (technology hates me lately), so I was all like:


And now my blog has become ridiculous.