About Meg

Hi I'm Meg! I'm a hermit from Montana who moved to Portland to follow a dreeaaam (i.e. my best friends). At some point or other I lived in London for a year, where I got my MA in Creative Writing and wrote a fantasy of manners that may or may not ever see the light of day (ugh, editing!).

I live with my chihuahua, Professor Lyall; a contrary cat named Salix; and a gregarious attorney in a small but cozy duplex in Southeast Portland.

I'm a copy editor by day, and a shut-in fangirl by night. I love playing video games (my Xbox gamertag is bnjvifn, be my friend!), binge-watching TV, drinking beer with friends, trying to be fashionable or whatever, drawing crap sometimes, and reading the comics that my friends write and/or draw. Also other comics I guess. I'm new to comics! I make pancakes every weekend for breakfast, and drink at least three cups of coffee every day.

Please email me for any reason! I'm always happy to be emailed! Or if you'd like to anonymously yell at me or tell me I'm a wonderful creature, my tumblr ask is always open.