Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pre-DCC Haps

That moment when you realize that you don't give much of a shit if your ex has a new girlfriend or not is a good moment. A good moment. I recently spent way too much brain energy on deducing that he had probably joined Tinder, and then when I reached that conclusion, I discovered that I didn't even particularly care. I mean, I cared enough to laugh at all the poon he was probably not slaying, but I just... don't actually care anymore. I mean, yeah, it's annoying to get facebook notifications that he's been tagged in my old photos, but it doesn't make me feel nauseous or make me cry anymore, which was just going on for way too long. And it feels goooood. I even tried thinking about all the things that used to make me sad, or angry, or whatever, and meh. It's not a thing anymore.

So fuck yeah.

Meanwhile I'm getting ready for Denver Comic Con, and I'm calling it now: It's gonna be the highlight of Summer 2014. Four straight days of geeky girl-fun with Shaun, hangouts with Zak, my first adventure in cosplay, and so much cider. I can't contain my giddiness I'm so excited! I leave on Thursday morning and I still have so much to do for my cosplay, so tonight and tomorrow are going to be spent in a crazed frenzy of last-minute cosplay shit, laundry, packing, and maybe making a pit stop at the Belmont or Hawthorne food carts with Megan before I go because fuck, they're both closing this fall. Thursday morning can't come soon enough!

Otherwise life is good. It's really good. I'm as excited as ever about being in Portland; it still feels like a dream sometimes. I love my job, I love my writing group, I love my roommate, my friends, my dog... there's just a lot of awesome shit in life right now.

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