Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Outfit no. 67

Dress and necklace: H&M, belt and jacket: F21, shoes: c/o Blowfish, glasses: Ray-Ban

This is pretty much as springy as I'll get, clothing-wise. I feel like the necklace is even too cute and colorful for me, which makes me wonder what's wrong with me. I'm just hating to wear color lately. I got a super cute springy dress from SwayChic a while back, and I wore it on my birthday, but oh man did it not feel right. It's a great dress, and I'm sure I'll keep wearing it, but it was too... feminine and cute, I guess. And while I love that kind of thing on other girls, and in theory on myself, I just feel like I'm in a costume when I wear it. Which is fine, but annoying as I have rather a lot of cutesy clothes that I don't want to wear. First world problems!

In a similar vein, is it winter yet? I'm already tired of this "summer" business. As much as I love how my skin gets puffy and pink in any weather that isn't 1) cold and 2) dreary, I can't wait for it to be cold again! Sob. I've scheduled a haircut for tomorrow, though, which should bring some relief. I'm thinking of getting a slightly more a-line bob, to keep my hair off my neck in the coming (hotter and hotter) days. Something like Lyzi's adorable new 'do. What do you think?

I'm really excited to go to my writers group tonight, if all works out in favor. We've had to reschedule it the past two times, because first I got hives, and then one of the members had a "house emergency" and couldn't make it. So hopefully this week nobody comes down with a sudden illness or anything! I really need to get back into the writing game. I let it fall by the wayside when I got hives, as I couldn't really concentrate on anything and could only focus on video games and The Walking Dead. They seem to be getting a bit better now, but I'm tapering my Prednisone dose so we'll see when that's all done... fingers crossed!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Outfit no. 66

Shorts and shirt: F21, blazer: H&M, shoes: Chicwish, earrings: Primark, glasses: Ray-Ban

I feel like this outfit is better in person than in photographs, and I will stick to that assertion even if it's wrong! Also I had the camera angle weird and too high, and it makes my legs look even shorter than they normally are, which is pretty short. But guys it's so hot outside that I couldn't be bothered to fix them, or take more, so... here. I'm sorry.

My mom got me these shoes for my birthday, and I love them so much! I'm super liking pointy shoes lately, even though they give me the weird inverted triangle look. Well whatever.

I wish I had more things to say but this weather is making my brain melt. I can do nothing but play video games until the AC cools the apartment off a bit more. Farewell.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Outfit no. 65

Dress: Mod Dolly, Belt and necklace: F21, shoes: Payless, glasses: Ray-Ban

Hello again, so soon! It's nothing too exciting outfit-wise, but I wanted to blog so badly today! And I've been in a good mood all day, as it's my birthday tomorrow and it's Friday and how can you not be happy under such circumstances?

I'm in love with this dress from Mod Dolly, which I got a while back but haven't had a chance to blog about. In fact the first time I wore it was right before I got the hives. Memories... Anyway, I always love a bright red tartan, so this dress is riiiight up my street. It's quite comfy and really well made, and I'll probably be wearing it all summer!

Apologies for the awful face situation. I had just taken Lyall on a walk and then came in to realize he'd pooped on the floor after getting into the garbage and eating an entire cantaloupe rind (how??), and I had to clean it all up before taking photos. Also this morning I was running late and didn't get to do my makeup properly, smudgy eyeliner ftw!

I'm a tattoo whore (?) and always turn my arm out so you can see the TARDIS in photos. Hurr. But look at my neat tattoo guuyyyys! I was thinking about getting another one with my birthday money, but then I realized it would probably be the worst idea ever to stab my skin with ink needles while suffering from hives, so... that idea went out the window. If I did get another tattoo I think it would probably be a lion. For multiple really lame reasons, but yes.

Oh, and I've started eating only "hypoallergenic" food in a sad attempt to discover what's causing the hives! I'm mainly just avoiding common food allergens for now: eggs, peanuts, shellfish, dairy, gluten, soy, chocolate (sob), corn, and basically sticking to fresh veggies and fruit, and weird gluten/allergen free stuff from Whole Foods. Who knows if this will make any difference, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something and taking control of my hivey friends. And hey, almond milk isn't that bad in weird hemp cereal, which is what I'm reduced to eating! Plus all my amazing friends gave me a bunch of ideas for allergen-free cakes I can force Greg to bake for me tomorrow. Hurray! 

Well friends, that's about all for now. Have a lovely weekend! Who knows when I'll be back again. Hopefully soon. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Still with the hives...

Okay, so it seems I'm not better in a few days after all! I still have hives yaaaayyy! I've been to urgent care twice, and finally an allergist, and I am taking another dose of prednisone, tapering this time, and with a metric fuck-tonne of antihistamines as well, so fingers crossed the hives go away and don't come back. We'll see. It's been a miserable three weeks. I want it to stop.

I feel weird not updating the internet on my every move, so here's a mini update, sans photos, because I suck like that.

1. Greg and I started watching The Walking Dead, finally! I've read a fair amount of the comics, but stopped before I left for England and haven't read any more since. So I need to catch up on those. But the show is really great too! Different, but great. I love Darryl, who isn't even in the comic, which makes sense as I hated all the characters in the comic. The stress of watching the show is a great way to distract myself from the misery of a body covered in hives.

2. I discovered an amazing thing recently: Benefit mascara. I got a sample of their mascara and highlighter (which I won't use) from Sephora for my birthday (which is on Saturday!!), and OH MY GOD. I'd been using that stupid Maybelline stuff for yeaaarrs because I'm clueless about makeup and didn't know what else to use, but oh my god. This stuff is amazing. I feel like a commercial, but I'm genuinely like, "how did I not realize my eyelashes could be this long and amazing" every time I put it on. Also it's sooooo waterproof. You guys, expensive makeup is the shit.

3. Also eye primer??? My eyeliner doesn't smudge anymore!!! WHY DID NOBODY ALERT ME.

4. Game of Thrones. Enough said.

5. I'm playing through Dragon Age 2 for the 4th time and loving it. It's another one of the few things that can successfully distract me from my hive misery. Hawke I love you bro. I love you so much.

That's pretty much it in terms of my entire life. Yeah I haven't done anything for a while, due to the fact I've been covered in itchy red welts for almost a month. Hurray! Not sure when I'll be here again, but hopefully soon, because fuck these hives.