Friday, March 23, 2012

Mobile Photos

I haven't busted out the ol' Canon in a long while, even though I keep meaning to. One of these days I just need to go to Camden or Brick Lane or Portobello Road and take cliche artsy pictures of all the neat market stalls. Every time I go anywhere in London I lament not bringing my camera, but it's such a heavy gadget and it's a hassle to deal with. I know, boohoo, but going anywhere in London is a trek and I hate lugging stuff around.

I still take pictures with my phone, though! So I figured I'd share some of the decent ones here. There was one particular night before Christmas, I believe it was 7 December, the night of the Sherlock screening at the BFI. There was a German Christmas market on the South Bank, and a beautiful sunset behind the Houses of Parliament. Took a billion photos on my phone but forgot to share them! So, enjoy.

Such a beautiful evening. Carousels, the London Eye, Big Ben, and an incredible sunset reflected in the Thames.
Portobello Road on a Saturday afternoon.
Showing off my new earrings from New Look.
Street performer just off Portobello Road. Look at the crazy guy dancing by him! I love it.
Watching the rain on my way to Uxbridge a couple Wednesdays ago.
Watching New Girl after class, with bread and potatoes for dinner: filling and cheap as hell! And the Sherlock Holmes cameo Shaun got me for Christmas; I love it so much!

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