Sunday, May 27, 2012

Haircut Yay

SO I GOT A HAIRCUT. I was gonna wait until I could get some not-godawful photos to post here, but it's almost been a week and clearly I'm not making any kind of effort to take better ones, so here you go. If you follow me on twitter, instagram, facebook, or really anywhere else in addition to this blog, you'll already know I cut my hair. So this post is really boring for you. 

I got it cut last Monday, a day after Greg flew back home to the States. I'd been growing out my hair partly because I missed my long hair, but mostly because Greg is super into long hair. So I kept it long for him while he visited, and as soon as he was in the air, I chopped it the hell off! I'd been fantasizing about a long bob for months, something like Kimbra's, but according to Marco at Headmasters Victoria, above the shoulder was better. He also poo-pooed my Zooey bangs and said that a straight-across fringe would open up my face more. I basically just let Marco do whatever he wanted, since clearly I don't understand hair or how different haircuts look good on different people, so I said, "You're the expert," and let him do his thang. 

Luckily Marco really is an expert, because I love what he did with my hair! Absolutely fucking ridiculously love it. I don't think I've ever been this excited or pleased with a haircut, even after I got that mod pixie/bob hybrid years ago. This one is just perfect. I think it has something to do with the fact that I've been lusting after this hairstyle since I was but a youth. The protagonist in one of my first attempted novels, Silver City (worst novel ever), had this haircut. Most of my blood elf and human 'toons in WoW have it. I just always wanted a black bob with blunt bangs and other alliterated Bs! Pulp Fiction style! I'm so glad I went ahead with it and let Marco have his way with my locks, because I'm in complete and utter love with my own hair. 

For those wondering how I style it (nobody), I NEED to give a shout-out to Aussie products right now. I'm kind of overwhelmed by how soft, smooth, and un-frizzy my hair is, even after blow-drying and straightening it. In the shower I use some random Dove shampoo for dyed hair, and 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy. Then when I'm styling my hair, I use Anti-Frizz Conditioning Milk. You only use a tiny dollop of it but christ, it works so well! And finally I spray in some Heat Protection Leave-in Spray, before wreaking all sorts of havoc on my poor hair with a blow dryer and flatiron. It should be illegal how soft and shiny my hair is afterwards, though. Illegal. Aussie, stop being so amazing and... like, okay actually keep being so amazing because my hair needs you. 

Anyway wow, this post got a BIT out of hand, considering I was just gonna be like "Wow I cut my hair okay yay," but I figure it's important to share hair tips with one another because I'm always at a complete loss and need as much help from people as I can get when it comes to ~beauty regimes~, whatever that means. Thanks to everyone on twitter who recommended Aussie, you guys are stars!

Again, sorry for these horrendous photos in which I look angry and yellow.

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