Friday, August 24, 2012


All I can think about right now is Patrick Wolf. His new album, Sundark & Riverlight, comes out in October and I can't even tell you how excited I am. It's celebrating the 10-year anniversary of his music career, and is rearranging a bunch of his old songs for an all acoustic album. He's doing an acoustic world tour to coincide with it, so definitely check to see if he'll be in your area! He's so incredible live; you can see my post about his gig in London last November here.

Anyway, I am going to see Patrick again next week at the Old Vic with Shaun, so I will likely make a post about the show afterwards, but I can't in good conscience go about my day without first sharing this new video with you. Patrick just released it today. It's one of my favorite songs of his, rearranged and acoustic-ized for maximum prettiness! Seriously though, do yourself a favor and watch/listen. I wish I could try to explain Patrick's music, or express how much it means to me, but every time I try it doesn't come out right. So just press play or whatever.


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