Friday, May 10, 2013

Outfit no. 65

Dress: Mod Dolly, Belt and necklace: F21, shoes: Payless, glasses: Ray-Ban

Hello again, so soon! It's nothing too exciting outfit-wise, but I wanted to blog so badly today! And I've been in a good mood all day, as it's my birthday tomorrow and it's Friday and how can you not be happy under such circumstances?

I'm in love with this dress from Mod Dolly, which I got a while back but haven't had a chance to blog about. In fact the first time I wore it was right before I got the hives. Memories... Anyway, I always love a bright red tartan, so this dress is riiiight up my street. It's quite comfy and really well made, and I'll probably be wearing it all summer!

Apologies for the awful face situation. I had just taken Lyall on a walk and then came in to realize he'd pooped on the floor after getting into the garbage and eating an entire cantaloupe rind (how??), and I had to clean it all up before taking photos. Also this morning I was running late and didn't get to do my makeup properly, smudgy eyeliner ftw!

I'm a tattoo whore (?) and always turn my arm out so you can see the TARDIS in photos. Hurr. But look at my neat tattoo guuyyyys! I was thinking about getting another one with my birthday money, but then I realized it would probably be the worst idea ever to stab my skin with ink needles while suffering from hives, so... that idea went out the window. If I did get another tattoo I think it would probably be a lion. For multiple really lame reasons, but yes.

Oh, and I've started eating only "hypoallergenic" food in a sad attempt to discover what's causing the hives! I'm mainly just avoiding common food allergens for now: eggs, peanuts, shellfish, dairy, gluten, soy, chocolate (sob), corn, and basically sticking to fresh veggies and fruit, and weird gluten/allergen free stuff from Whole Foods. Who knows if this will make any difference, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something and taking control of my hivey friends. And hey, almond milk isn't that bad in weird hemp cereal, which is what I'm reduced to eating! Plus all my amazing friends gave me a bunch of ideas for allergen-free cakes I can force Greg to bake for me tomorrow. Hurray! 

Well friends, that's about all for now. Have a lovely weekend! Who knows when I'll be back again. Hopefully soon. 

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