Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kind of an Outfit I Guess

Dress and necklace: H&M, glasses: Ray-Ban

I felt like doing a very half-assed outfit post today. I've been wearing black tights and the same black flats every day for weeks, so it's really only the top half that's interesting anyway. I think this is the coolest dress. It's all smock-y and it's covered with skulls and there are buttons down the back -- what's not to love? I got the necklace for free at H&M, for their buy two get one free on sale items deal. I got two sweatshirts as well, for $7 each. Bargain! 

I'm already thinking about my fall wardrobe, and I already know what black ankle boots I'm going to buy when I can afford them. One can never have too many black ankle boots! I have a pair of flat Chelsea style boots, some fur-lined ones with a pretty high heel (for me anyway), and now I want a pair with a mid-heel. Is that a thing? Mid-heel? The more I look at the word, the less sense it makes. Oh well you know what I mean. Anyway I was going to link the boots I want but I can't find them online. That, or they're just ugly in pictures and cute in real life? I DON'T KNOW. Well whatever.

I wish I had more things to say, but I sadly don't. I'm going to shower (I'm covered in gross elliptical sweat), watch Teen Wolf, get some writing done, and then probably go on tumblr for hours looking for pics of Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim. Or find a new show to watch on Netflix. I need a new fandom! Any suggestions for shows with multiple seasons out already? And it should probably be speculative (scifi/fantasy), since real life is boring and I need to bump up the Escaping Reality value on my values map that I made yesterday.

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