Monday, April 28, 2014


This picture combines two of my favorite things at the moment: sportsball and normcore! And by sportsball I obviously mean basketball, as evidenced by that big brown ball there. And also our Blazers jerseys (both of which are Rose's). I even have a beer cozy on my beer (it is actually a cider)!

The fascinating part of all of this is I'm not doing it ironically! I'm genuinely super excited about the Portland Trail Blazers being in the NBA playoffs! WUT IS HAPPENING.

If you can believe it, I had no idea what was going on in the world of basketball until last week, when Rose sent out a text about some sportsball game(s) or other, which I dismissed out of hand. But then later that day, my "hair girl" (she said it, not me) wanted to reschedule my appointment so she could go home and watch the Blazers game. I was like, why is everyone watching so much basketball this week, even hipsters?? And she was like, the Blazers are in the playoffs, girl! And I was like, what is a playoff? and so on. Then everyone at work was talking about it, and long (not really that long) story short, I wanted in on that playoff action! So Rose sent a very educational email about the Blazers to catch me up (it included such things as which Blazers were the cutest/nicest, which Houston Rockets I should hate the most, and informative youtube videos), and I watched the game at her house on Friday. Thus, the photo of us that you see above!

I've been to sporting events before, and always found them to be pretty fun in person (with the exception of any Griz game in the frigid Montana winter, in the student section, where everybody is blackout drunk and falling into each other on ice-cold metal bleachers for three hours straight -- that is an entirely new definition of misery), but I hate watching sports on TV. I mean haaaate. To me it is the most boring thing I can possibly imagine. I would rather watch, like... those weird channels that sell jewelry late at night. I would rather watch that than sports. But there's something so satisfying about cheering for a team that represents your favorite city, knowing that everyone around you is just as excited, and cheering and swearing at the refs and peeing during commercials because beer makes you pee a lot. The sense of community and bromanship is overwhelming, and dare I say it? Intoxicating?

It's getting late and this post is getting stupid.

But I just love jumping into things that everybody else seems to be loving. There's something so satisfying about it! I'm by no means a sports fan now -- football can go die -- but I'm loving the shit out of this playoff business! It's like all of Portland is having a giant broball party! Also I feel like in the future I can go to a Blazers game, which I've been wanting to do, and be legitimately excited because I'm familiar with the players and everything. SPORTSBALL.


I wanted to talk about normcore also but I guess that's for another post at another time. It is now time for sleep.

Oh yeah P.S. I got a haircut?? I will also post about that later. Sigh so much to do so little time.

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