Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Characters We Miss in Game of Thrones: V-Targ

WARNING SPOILERS I GUESS (if you're so behind you haven't even seen season 1 yet, what are you doing with your life).

So this is a new thing I'm doing. On my blog here. Since we already miss a bunch of dudes from Game of Thrones, and since it's inevitable that a bunch more dudes (and ladies?) will be brutally slain as season 2 goes on, I believe it's time to make a series of posts dedicated to these sweet departed princes.

Let's talk, then, about a character that I really, really miss in Game of Thrones. Viserys Targaryen. Or as I like to call him, V-Targ. "Wait what?" you say. "That creepy psychotic bastard with the over-processed hair?" YES. That one. Let me be serious for a second here guys. Viserys ticks all my boxes. He pushes all my buttons if you know what I mean. Let me break it down for you. This is what I like in a character: 1) A vaguely elf-like appearance; 2) Angsty/upset all the time; 3) Incestuous leanings?; 4) English accent; 5) SO MISUNDERSTOOD YOU DON'T GET WHAT KIND OF SHIT HE HAS TO PUT UP WITH GUYS; 6) I mean seriously misunderstood; 7) So fucked up and awful that you end up feeling sorry for him just because he's so deluded; 8) Weird bone structure; 9) Sneering all the time; 10) Cool outfits. As you can see, Viserys fills every requirement. I can't possibly express how much I just love his character. He's a ludicrously vile guy, but by the time he ends up being gruesomely and horrifyingly murdered (GOLDEN CROWN'D!), you find yourself going, "Aw. That was a bit harsh," cocking your head and tutting. Which means, of course, that he's a brilliant character and we should all mourn his passing by looking at pictures of his face.

Therefore I've compiled some visual aids to help us in remembering his life as a power hungry yet lovable douchebag. Let's take a moment of silence.

Aw yeah do that creepy incest face you know I like.
"Check out Khal Drogo. My hair's better, right."
"God! You all suck! This sucks!" he sneered.
Chilling with that guy from Downton Abbey.
Ahahaha! Haha! Yeahhh, laughing with beardy man. Good times.
"Ugh, nobody takes me seriously around here."
I can't think of a good caption for this. Someone help me. HIS FACE IS DISTRACTING ME.

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