Sunday, January 11, 2015

Accidental Resolutions

I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions. Mostly because if I want to change something in my life I'm going to do it whenever I feel like it and not just at the start of a new year. There's also the fact that I usually fail at things unless I really really want them, and making a change just because it's a new year isn't enough to motivate me to succeed. That said, I accidentally kind of ended up making some unofficial resolutions for 2015 anyway?

Unofficial accidental resolution #1: Lose weight. Yeah yeah yeah this is everyone's resolution every year. So unoriginal!! I'm sorry! Mainly I'm being motivated by Shaun's and my trip to LA in February (to see Stacey!!!) and my intense fear of being barelegged, so the hope is that if I end up having to wear ~summer clothes~ in LA, at least I won't loathe myself too much? Ugh. Being a woman is neat. *comfort eats carrots while weeping gently and watching Friends*

Unofficial accidental resolution #2: Take care of my goddamn skin. Like, guys. I had these weird dried out scaly spots on my face and I didn't know what they were, but then I stopped washing my face with BAR SOAP and guess what?? They went away! Good god, you guys, I had been washing my face EVERY DAY WITH BAR SOAP. Why was that happening? How did I think my skin would be okay with that? I have dry-ish skin anyway so my poor face was freaking the fuck out. So I started using a different cleanser that's actually meant for faces and began moisturizing my face every night, and BOOM. My skin is already a thousand times better! That'll learn me. I also started using an anti-acne product so I can stop breaking out like a fucking teenager all the time. I suck at taking care of myself guys!

Unofficial accidental resolution #3: Do a completionist playthrough of DA:I. I already mentioned this in another post, so I'll keep it brief, but you guys. I'm discovering so many cool things in the game this time around that I totally missed last time! Like, SO MANY THINGS. This happens every time I play a BioWare game so I should just get used to it, but wow. I'm loving it even more this time because I don't feel like I'm flying blind. And there are actually guides out there now, whereas the first time around everyone was figuring it out together so I couldn't just google "wine cellar skyhold where???" and get the location of the Skyhold wine cellar. Although now I don't need that anyway because I have Stacey.

Welp, those are my kind of resolutions or whatever! 2015 is being pretty good to me so far! Do you guys do resolutions? What are they?

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