Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bit Not Good

Well, my dad is back in Phoenix, safe and sound. I miss him. We spent a lot of time just sitting on the couch with our laptops, but even then it was nice to have him here. It was hard on me when he left Missoula, and it's harder still when I see him for a bit and then he has to leave again. I love you, Dad! I had such a good, relaxing Thanksgiving with you and Greg. ♥ (Subliminal message: MOVE TO PORTLAND.)

I'm wearing: American Eagle tee, F21 cardi, H&M skirt, Delia's boots.

As a gift for the holidays, my dad got me a giftcard to H&M, so naturally we went there on Black Friday. I found this effing sweet skirt, which is something I'd never have picked out except that I have this bizarre attraction to leopard print lately, and I'm also drawn to things with neon bits in them (despite my attempts to quash such attractions). The silly corsety thing at the front is an added bonus. I was worried the skirt wasn't going to work with my style, but lo and behold, I can pretty much work anything into my style, as I don't really have a style. HA! Thwarted, leopard skirt with neon bits! You are mine now. You have been conquered.

Greg and I have been watching a lot of Top Gear for the past... well, couple months I guess. It's what we do when we have nothing else to do (which is a lot of the time). It's a show about cars. I don't know how else to explain it, except that it is hilarious and amazing and I now have a girl boner for expensive cars. I guess they started a US one on the History Channel, of which I am very skeptical, but a reliable source says it's not that bad. I may have to check it out. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think? ...And now my blog has become a discussion of car shows.

Feeling rather not myself today, i.e. I have eaten 2 pieces of pumpkin pie, a cinnamon roll/danish thing, too much Coke Zero, and Wine Gums (which I found in the tiny British section of Fred Meyer, I am so lame). Oh, and a chicken and mayonnaise sandwich. Also I am a pile of ennui. Eff it, I'm going to watch Merlin and then go to bed. Happy Sunday, guys.


Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY, the US one isn't bad! They'll need to find a bit more of their own chemistry, and a lot of the challenges look like they'll be US versions of things they did for the UK one but I think it'll be genuinely good once it hits its stride.

Also, this is how I REALLY knew TG was getting to me -- I looked at this article, and I was INCENSED that they didn't actually list the car models shown:

Love the outfit, especially the skirt! I'd have been skeptical of it too I bet but you are workin' it!

Meg! said...

Damn it J, how am I gonna be a snobby elitist if you're saying the US Top Gear is good? Fiiiine I'll watch it and probably enjoy it.

Yuck, apparently most people reading "what your car says about you" are too lame to know what kind of car they actually have? Would be more interesting with actual makes/models, wtf is wrong with these people.

.Alyspank said...

Awesome skirt! It's great to see 3 bold statements compliment each other on just one piece of clothing. Oh, H&M... always making everything cute as hell. That lace-detailed cardigan with it makes it even better!

I've watched several episodes of the Brit version of Top Gear and I love it... the I got in my car after I saw my first episode and had to speed the hell to wherever it was I was going. Not as much fun in my grand am as it would've been in some of the cars they have on there. Drool!


Louise said...

Yup. I love the skirt and cardigan combo; leopard and lace are kinda awesome together. I am sorry that your dad left-- he should most definitely move to Orygun.

Shibby said...

Top Gear is awesome!

Love the outfit :)

You are so cool! :)

Rai said...

GORGEOUS, as per usual c: I adore that skirt on you xx

Eunice said...

what a cute outfit! love everything about it. and you're adorable!

Fleur-de-Lis said...

I only know the UK Top GEar and me and Dad are such huge fans :)
It's one of our traditions*
Loving your cardigan***

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Wow, I had no idea I liked either leopard print or neon, but now I'm wondering if there's a place for a skirt like this in my life.

I hate it when I have to say goodbye to my parents. Sucks big time. : (

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

What an amazing blog name you have .These are lovely x hivennn.

Chez said...

Top Gear has to be one of my most favourite shows, even people who don't love cars can watch it, and also I have a silly little crush on Richard Hammond.
Your skirt is amazing!!


Heather said...

I'm having major skirt envy! This isn't something I would normally pick either, but the shape and fit is so flattering on you!

I also really love the shape and position of your body in the third picture!

So cute about your dad! Kinda jealous of your giftcard and your super size h&m.

Between Laundry Days said...

That is a SERIOUSLY fantastic skirt. Sounds like you had a fantastic holiday. :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I have no idea what Top Gear is :(
This though is a beautiful outfit!!

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

Ugh, I love that skirt! Give it to me. ;P Just kidding.

I think they have a similar tank top too, and I keep looking at it and saying "Stop, stop it with the leopard and neon!" It truly is some kind of illness. But I still love it.

xx, Katrina

gee said...

i havent gotten into top gear. i need to watch it more.
that is a fabulous find from H&M..i love that skirt. (esp. you pairing it with the sweater. perfect.)
you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

i am so glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving!!!
&&& i LOOOOOOVE coke zero! :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

loving your bold skirt, the pattern really is great

Michal said...

Adorable as always. I love that skirt and I pretty much am wearing the same cardigan in my latest post. :D

Glad you had a good time w/your dad!!

elbee said...

Your dad lives in Phoenix? WAY TO TELL ME DUDE >:(

Also, that totally means you need to come down here now.

Midwest Mayhem said...

Cute outfit, love the new skirt! said...

Lovely ur skirt...And i love ur hair too

She is Sara said...

That last pic of you is so damn adorable! AWESOME skirt!! I wish I had one like that for Halloween when I was Josie and the pussycats!!

Sorry that your dad is gone, but it was really sweet that he came to visit :)

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

Ah, I love that cardigan! Seriously. It's awesome.

And I'm super jealous that you can go to H&M whenever you like. I still don't know why there isn't one in the entire state of Texas! The only H&M I go to is the eBay one. Bah

Britty said...

ok i'm (finally) commenting on your blog hope you understand what i'm saying haha
anyways love your H&M skirt so cute... you know what i love your whole freaking outfit! i might have to steal that cardigan from you haha

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

That skirt is crazy! In a good way. And I love love love that sweet little cardigan.

I'm glad you had fun with your dad! He certainly knew what to give you. I adore your hair in the last post, by the way.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

adorable - i love that skirt.

Kellie W. said...

Love the skirt!!

I REFUSE to watch the American Top Gear out of principle! I don't think I've ever seen the real Top Gear, but I'm still all like, "THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!" America should just...not remake things. Every time they remake something, it strikes fear into my heart. Fear for the day they decide to remake Doctor Who or somthing like that. WE CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN!

20 York Street said...

Oh I love Top Gear my dear! A friend of hours tapes it for us and wed spend hours watching it all together!

Love the last photo!