Friday, June 10, 2011


Yes, this picture is posed. Well the face anyway. And my game is paused so I don't die while Greg takes my picture. But the general gist you get is: this is what I do all evening after work. If I'm not playing video games I've got my Macbook on my lap (even when I'm not using it it's sitting open next to me, as you can see, in case something exciting happens on twitter).

I told you I was gonna post more day-to-day things here! HA WELL NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO.

Anyway this post is pointless and I have nothing else of worth to say, so here ya go. Meg playin' vidya games.

Oh and this tumblr cracks me up as well as horrifies me. Read at your own risk if crazed parents frighten you.

Oh and, if you want Sherlock fic recs and haven't read this one yet, Two Two One Bravo Baker is incredible so far.


JennaStevie said...

This picture made me giggly pretty hard. I love tha face you're making, even if its posed its great.

Stacey Kay said...

This is really cute! Great glasses.

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Amber Blue Bird said...

thats a lot of technology going on in a small space. awesome.

Lydia said...

I love your girlie little dress you wear while playing video games. Also your face is priceless.

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

your face there is priceless.

The Daily Fashionista said...

You're just getting down to business aren't you? Kicking ass and taking names:) hehee..I'm such a dork, but whatever! I think this post is great!

Mugdha said...

If you substituted your controller for a macbook, you would have exactly what I look like every day after work. Twins!

Kait said...

Hahah you just described me to a T. iPhone, macbook, PS3. Yup thats all a girl needs. Oh and great clothes.

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

i just want to say, YAY DAY TO DAY LIFE POSTS. i love these for some reason. i really like your "game face." it is intimidating.

Becky said...

I. Effin'. LOVE. STFUparents. I will never look at smoothies the same way again.

Jenni Wells said...

you're always so damn cute!