Sunday, September 25, 2011

Evening in London

Went into the city again yesterday and met up with Shaun to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy at the Odeon in Leicester Square. First thing you need to know: Leicester is not pronounced "Ly-chester", but rather as "Lester". Luckily they have an automated voice telling you this on the tube, otherwise I'd have made an idiot of myself I'm sure. Although I assume Shaun doesn't mind my occasional bumbling mispronunciations!

Second thing you need to know is: Movies in central London cost a fuck-tonne. (Notice how I spelled "ton" in the British way, lawl, I'm hilarious.) That's right. A giant massive fuck-tonne of monies. In a fit of masochism I googled "how many dollars in 16 pounds" and came up with about $24.64. For one movie! I can tell you now that I won't be doing that very often. Luckily it was totally worth it, one because the movie was awesome (even though we weren't sure exactly what happened in it) and the theater itself was an experience, and two because BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. I think 90% of Shaun's and my conversation revolves around this poor man. He's our patron saint of fangirldom. So really, it was a $24.64 well spent because we got to see Bennie wearing nice suits with powder blue ties for two hours.

After the movie it was pretty much evening so we wandered through Soho to Covent Garden and finally found a place to eat. We both got spaghetti bolognaise, Shaun's with a Pimm's and mine with a pint of London Pride. Warning, London Pride is a mediocre beer that tastes vaguely skunky. It was drinkable but only just. Do not buy.

Here are a few photos I took yesterday evening, one of China Town (which is incredible at night, it turns out), and then the Eye and Big Ben and Westminster Abbey all lit up. I didn't bring my Canon into the city so these are just on my crappy point-and-shoot, sorry, but I'll do this again later and get some nice long-exposure photos of Big Ben.

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