Sunday, October 20, 2013

Life Learnin'

Some things I've learned recently.

1. Don't trust people until they've earned it.
2. And don't date anyone you barely know,
3. and don't date anyone 2 months after a huge breakup.
4. Do eat pumpkin milkshakes from Burgerville.
5. Tarot can give incredible insights about your life.
6. Take your tarot reading seriously.
7. When you're hurting, stay with the ones you know will stick with you and love you for yourself. Let them heal you. Don't seek solace in the unknown.
8. I'm more grateful for my friends than I could ever express in words.
9. Charlie Day is a fucking sexy little man.
10. Pacific Rim slash fic turns out to be a major source of comfort on rough days.
11. Reconnecting with old friends is one of the best things in the world.
12. My hangovers now last for 2 days instead of one.
13. I'm never too old to learn new things.

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