Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vehicular Transport

Aaand I have a car! Right after I blogged last Saturday, I went to check out some used cars with my friend Adam. My mom is ridiculously generous and amazing and apparently loves me, because she sent me $1000 to spend on a car. Not a lot, but enough to get an old, reliable car that runs. Which I really needed, because my new job is about a 2-hour bus ride away from where I'm currently staying, and as much as I'd love to spend 4 hours a day on the bus... yeah no I wouldn't like doing that at all. 

So with $1000 and a test drive scheduled for Saturday afternoon, we drove up to Vancouver to see the car. I think I fell in love with it before I even saw it. I'd been spending hours each day scouring Craigslist for possible new rides, and every time I saw a 1980s Volvo I'd start salivating. So big and clunky... so angular... so fucking cool! And similar in aesthetic to '80s Mercedes (aka dream car), but less expensive! Even so, most of them were out of my price range, or not running, or needed some sort of major repair work. Until I found this one. A 1988 740 Turbo, right at my price point, with only a few cosmetic issues. When I saw it, I wanted it. After I drove it, I wanted it even more. So obviously I bought it; that's what this blog post is about. And I love it. It runs great, it has badass black leather interior, a sweet new stereo, and a sunroof. 

I drove it to my first day of work today, and it felt amazing. Driving back into Portland on my way home, blasting "Wrecking Ball" (I love it okay shut up), I was beaming like crazy. I'm in Portland again, I've got my own totally pimp ride, and I'm not going anywhere. I'm fucking back.

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