Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Science Boyfriends

"Hey Meg what've you been up to recen--" SHUT UP SCIENCE BOYFRIENDS.

Is basically what's been going on.

Okay I've been pretty stressed lately, what with still not being settled in, having a ton of piled up expenses waiting for a paycheck before I can take care of them, not enough time in the day, new job(s), etc. So I feel like all I've done lately is go to work, drive around Beaverton with no idea where I'm going or how I got there, and sleep. I mean today I had a fucking Snickers for dinner. It's all I've had the energy or time for. So gross what's wrong with me. Anyway, when I'm really stressed out and buzzing like a little ball of anxiety, it helps if I have something stupid and comforting to fixate on. Something that I can look forward to all day, something to wind down with after work, something that makes me happy and full of fangirl glee, preferably. And that's where Science Boyfriends come in! Yep, I am full-on obsessed with the scientists from Pacific Rim and how in love with each other they are. It's the reason I'm living right now, basically. (That and Lyall, but he's just a silly dog.) As usual I'm super lazy and can't find my own fic like a normal person, so thank you Lily for hooking me up like the amazing slashfic dealer that you are. Enabler.

Anyway I really want to write a long essay about how perfect Pacific Rim is, and how Newt Geiszler and Hermann Gottlieb's love is beyond mere words, but... I'm too tired. So let me just summarize it for you: Pacific Rim is the best movie of the year, hands down, it is on par with Thor and if you choose not to watch it I just don't know what's wrong with you and you can probably just give up on your life now. Also, these two scientists are TOTALLY banging each other!!!

The end good night.

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