Sunday, October 26, 2014


Welp! I did it! After about fifty years of dicking around with various header ideas, buttons, backgrounds, and all manner of super annoying html tweaking, I did the thing! I changed my blog title and URL! Obvs! I didn't realize I could actually do that (thank you Elizabeth, what in god's name would I do without you), so once I realized I could, that's what I did. So hopefully, you know, this isn't incredibly inconvenient for everyone and we can just carry on as usual.

So. I guess, welcome to I Just Can't??? Probably the stupidest blog title to ever exist in the history of blogs, but... whatever. I almost called it Feels on Wheels so let's all just be thankful I didn't go that route! Regardless, now I feel more comfortable about posting here as it's no longer reminding me of that jerkface Steven Moffat ruining my (used-to-be) favorite show.

And now, business as usual. I was thinking today about what my Stargate tattoo is going to look like/where it will be. Wait, what Stargate tattoo you ask? The one that was meant to be my first tattoo! I got so close to getting it that I even called a tattoo shop in Missoula before I moved to Portland in 2010 to ask about a consultation, but for whatever reason I chickened out and didn't actually schedule one. So I never got the tattoo. I even cajoled a friend into making a cool minimalist vector rendering of a Stargate and everything, only to back out like a little manbaby. Then of course I fell head over heels for Eleven, the TARDIS happened, and the Stargate didn't.

I still want to get a Stargate tattoo, though, which is where this whole ramble is going. I don't think I want it to be as boring as I was originally planning, and was thinking of doing something like my Shep, leaning toward a more traditional tattoo style with Gin's style thrown in? Because I would most definitely go to her again, after the amazing work she did on Shep. I'd certainly want flowers or botanicals of some sort framing the Stargate, and then I'm thinking... left thigh? Or left shoulder blade. The only thing about shoulder blade tattoos is you never see them, and admiring my tattoos is kinda one of my favorite pastimes.

Oh well, I'll sort something out by the time I feel like throwing $600 at a tattoo again, which hopefully won't be for a long while. My wallet is hurting (as usual).

Update on Meg drunkenly maybe ordering Hawkeye comics! It didn't happen. Sadly? Or happily, for my wallet. Shut up, wallet. Next time.

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