Monday, October 27, 2014

Who is Dr. Strange Though

So BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH as Dr. Strange, amirite!? Best news of the day, RIGHT? ...Not that I received any other news today, really, except that my N7 shirt and mug had shipped. BUT BEST NEWS THO!

I only have... one small question, a bit of a minor one, but, uh. Who's Dr. Strange?

I'M SORRY OKAY I don't know anything about comics! I didn't even know we were awaiting a casting choice for this guy, that's how oblivious I've been. But now I have a sudden and vested interest in this Dr. Strange fellow. And so, as of this very moment, I am about to embark on a Google search that will reveal the answers to me! But before I do, I'm gonna go ahead and say that my educated guess is that Dr. Strange is an amalgam of Doctor Who and Dr. Strangelove, so like a British guy in a black and white film, dressed eccentrically, traveling through time and space astride an atomic bomb. SUPER CLOSE I bet?

*performs Google search*

Okay, well. I wasn't that far off, I mean clothes-wise... but who CARES about that because holy shit, guys! Dr. Strange is THE COOLEST! I didn't even know!! Did you? Okay check this out:

!!!!! He's a neurosurgeon. Not only is he a goddamn practicing sorcerer but the Sorcerer Supreme, PRIMARY PROTECTOR OF EARTH AND A NEUROSURGEON?? I'm pregnant with his babies already. Leave me to die, there's no hope for me. Leave me I tell you! I can go no further!

...Look at his power stance though. Imagine Benedict in such a stance. Do you think he'll wear those tights and fashion-forward cape for fall? I can't take it! I just can't!

Seriously though, this is just great, now I have to figure out where to start in Thor and Dr. Strange now, not that I don't already have a heaping pile of comics to read before I die, all of which I'm sure I'll never successfully finish. Life is so goddamn difficult, guys! Mostly due to Benedict Cumberbatch! If only he had never been born!!

*weeps forever*

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