Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So... sorry I've been such a lame-o blogger lately. Have this photo of an unrelated Christmas tree in Covent Garden as atonement! My excuse is that I've been distracted and stressed out about school, travel, moving, money, and everything else since I just love to be the mayor of Stress City. I went to Vienna over the weekend, which is beautiful, and I'll be uploading photos of that very shortly but not until after Saturday when my life will have calmed down a bit (hopefully). I'm moving from on-campus housing in Uxbridge to Walthamstow in Northeast London, where I'll be renting a room in a house with a few other girls. I say "house" but it's more like a townhouse/apartment with a bunch of bedrooms and a kitchen. I'm super excited though, because I'll be in Zone 3 instead of Zone 6, and therefore only 20 minutes away from central London instead of an hour. Uxbridge is lovely, but it's miles away from everything.

Since this post is pretty useless overall, I'll spice it up by sending you to my friend and classmate Lucy's new blog: You Should Have Seen Me Reading Marx (Pop Culture for the Unpopular). She's in my novel writing program so obviously she's a genius, and I'm endlessly jealous of her hilarious prose. Read her blog, I compel you!

Right. That's it, then. Oh, and this (which, if you haven't seen it, well you probs should):

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