Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Last of Vienna

I've been thinking about the novel (or partial novel) I'm supposed to write for my masters dissertation. I mean, I've been thinking about it intermittently since the beginning of term, but lately I'm feeling slightly panicked about the whole thing. Do I write typical fantasy? Should I go a different direction and focus on character over genre? Or do I just say "fuck it" and write a steampunk piece because it'd be fun and totally easy to get published right now?

...Yeah you're right. The last one. I'm thinking I might use some characters that have been swimming around in my brain since early 2005, six friends who attend a private music school together. I might try to make it a kind of alternate history steampunk thing, or like, a future thing... maybe they live on Victorian Moon 4? Which you guys don't know about unless you're the one person who reads my blog and was in workshop with me? Not sure yet, but I do know that it will involve flying machines.

But anyway yeah. Writing is hard. How do you come up with ideas and then write them down coherently? Even I can't explain it. I've found lately that I never have any idea what I'm going to write until I just start typing. Then it comes out like word vomit. No idea why this works but it does, which is frustrating, because who wants to start typing when they have no idea what they're going to say? IT'S HARD.

Why am I writing about writing when I should be talking about Vienna? Oh, who knows. I don't really care. I figure this blog is just a crapshoot now anyway. What will she write next? Nobody knows! I don't even know! But I like it that way. I like not worrying anymore, and I especially like not getting 20 comments that say, "cute skirt, follow me back? x" anymore. As cool as it felt to have 35 comments on one post, they were mostly inane and obnoxious. I much prefer spewing my feelings in tl;dr form for you all to be subjected to whenever I feel like it.

Here, have some more photos. After Christmas I'll post some good ones of Edinburgh, hopefully, so keep an eye out!

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