Monday, December 12, 2011


So I just finished watching Drive. Now that I've tweeted incoherently about it, I figured it would be a fun thing for me to write about it in my blog. Fun for me; no idea if you guys are super stoked for this, BUT I AM.

So I initially watched the movie because I saw a post on tumblr with a screencap and a quote from it. And I thought, boy that looks interesting. I mean I do love Ryan Gosling, ever since The Notebook (am I right girls!), so that wasn't a deterrent. I had no idea what this movie was gonna be like so I went into it assuming it would just be a two-hour-long series of shots of Ryan Gosling wearing a scorpion jacket and driving in a car with some neat leather driving gloves on. That's what I expected, but I got so much more! I got Carey Mulligan and Christina Hendricks, even! Score.

Considering I went into this movie with really no expectations, other than the fact that London was covered in posters for it when I first moved here and I figured that must mean it was at least okay, I was pleasantly surprised! What struck me immediately was the synth-y music and pink '80s font, which is always intriguing and enticing, and the cinematography really made me happy. If a movie is mediocre, or even awful, I will sit through it and enjoy it if it's pretty enough. This is a fact. (Sadly, I could only sit through The Wolfman because I'd paid $10 to see it and I thought I should get my money's worth, plus it's totally embarrassing to leave in the middle of a movie, right?) Luckily, however, Drive was not awful, or even mediocre! It was actually pretty great. Immediately afterwards I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but since I haven't been able to think of anything but the movie since I finished watching it (it's been, like, a whole hour), to me that says classic!

Seriously though you guys, first of all, if you like Ryan Gosling you're gonna like this. I guarantee it. If you don't like it, then I just don't know if you truly love him as much as you profess to. His character is great. And Carey Mulligan is so adorable and vulnerable and appealing as a single mother. How can you say no to that face? Plus the music is incredible; you've got so many weird ambient shots with little to no dialogue, just people looking at stuff or each other, staring, the synth rising... it's amazing! So many reaction shots that go on for so long they cross over the line from awkward into fine art. Totally strange but I loved it.

I clearly can't get over this movie, so you should probably watch it, guys! Notice I didn't mention the plot at all. This is because I don't want to spoil you, and some people (like Greg) think that knowing anything at all about the plot, I mean anything, like even knowing who the characters are, could ruin the movie. I'm just keeping your best interests at heart. Go watch Drive.

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