Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Outfit no. 46

Skirt: F21, shirt and hat: H&M, cardi: hand-me-down from Mom, shoes: Payless, glasses: Ray-Ban

I was about to say happy Monday, but then I realized it's Tuesday. SCORE! Four-day weeks are awesome... until the next week rolls around and you have to work for five days in a row. Boo. 

They got this new coffee machine at work, a Keurig, but it's not a big exciting one; it just makes one cup of coffee at a time. And now since the little coffee things you use for each cup are limited, we can only have one Keurig cup of coffee per day and then we have to use the old coffee machine if we want more. Which forces me to ask... why? Not only are we wasting a ton of plastic by using those dumb K-Cups for each cup of coffee made, but it takes forever for the dumb single cup to "brew," and we can only have one per day so it's like... you may as well continue to drink exclusively from the old coffee machine. The Keurig doesn't even taste any different. I should just start bringing in my French press, seriously. I feel like I'm supposed to be grateful that we have a super fancy coffee machine at work now, but it's the most inefficient and dumb thing I think I've ever seen? Why would anyone spend that much money on a coffee machine if a $20 one from Target is just as good?

So yeah it turns out that's the most exciting thing that happened to me today.

My dad got my mom this cardi years ago for Christmas, but apparently it's a bit too tight for her, so when I was in Montana for the holidays she gave it to me. And I love it! It kinda looks like a holiday sweater, but it's not, so I shall wear it year 'round. It's woolly and warm and it kinda has a vintage vibe to it, which I love! Thanks, Mom!

Also a rando at the gas station said I had a nice outfit, which must mean that the cardigan is working.

Now that I've found my old Weight Watchers booklet and am two days into the swing of it again, I feel so much better about life. I think it has something to do with feeling more in control. Unsurprisingly, the number one thing on my mind lately has been my novel. I check my "business" email constantly, hoping for word from agents, and it's always always on my mind. In a really annoying, black cloud over my head kind of way. And it's so frustrating because I have no control over it. All I can do is send out a query, and hope that the agent likes the premise enough to request material. Just sitting and waiting is driving me mad. But with WW, I feel like there's an aspect of my life that I can be really fastidious and organized about. I write down everything I eat, and I have to plan ahead what I'll eat for that day. It sounds stressful, and sometimes it can be frustrating, but it's made me feel like I have something to work for, something to control. And it helps.

I'm also relieved because I've finally signed Lyall and myself up for training at PetSmart! We start on February 27th. Hopefully this will help him become more socialized, and he'll stop barking and snapping at other dogs when we're out on walks. He's a good dog, but he has a few behavior issues that really need some work.

I'm thinking of doing a post about the books I've read lately, am reading, and am planning to read. Would anyone be interested in this? It would be just me rambling about books, and perhaps recommending and/or reviewing some. I might make it a regular thing, as I'm trying to read more now and I have a big stack of unread books thanks to my dad getting me a B&N giftcard recently. Thoughts? If nobody comments on this I'm doing it anyway. Just a warning. Books!


Abbey said...

Yes! I want to know what books you recommend/are reading! Great luck with the cardigan!

Jess said...

I would love to hear about your berks!

Anna said...

I would definitely love to hear about what you're reading. Book posts are one of my favourite aspects of blogging.