Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Outfit no. 47

Dress: H&M, shirt: Primark, boots: Aldo, necklace: gift from a friend, glasses: Ray-Ban

After going through my outfit photos, I realized that I had a concerned/angry furrowed brow in every single one of them. Except the ones where I'm looking down or my hair is in the way. Because you can't see it. 

I'm just having one of those an-agent-rejected-my-manuscript-because-the-protagonist-wasn't-likable-and-I-think-I-should-give-up-on-life kind of days. If you read that whole hyphenated mess then I tip my hat to you.

Gonna work on a new project tonight and stop dwelling on poor Cecily. She may be my baby, but it doesn't mean anybody else will like her (besides Lucy, who is possibly even worse than Cecily, and I say that with the greatest possible amount of love and admiration). 


Jessi said...

I like that the colors you're wearing match your sad/upset mood. This outfit is beautiyl! I love the shape of this dress and the lovely collar and the necklace you wore! And im sorry to hear about the rejection. Its hard to totally put yourself out there and take criticism when it comes.

Anonymous said...

Attention seeking much?

Anonymous said...

Can't appreciate real, raw emotion? If anyone is an an attention seeker, it's you. Sounds like you're jealous you can't be so open and honest, so you lash out to get attention. Way to go.