Monday, February 4, 2013

30 Facts About Me

As a result of the best Super Bowl party ever, I'm quite hung over today and the last thing I want to do is try to look attractive and cheerful in front of a camera, so I'm doing something else instead. I saw Victoria do this over at her blog, and I was inspired. I'm sorry this is so narcissistic. Wait no I'm not otherwise I wouldn't post it.

1. My parents named me after the main character in A Wrinkle in Time, Meg Murry, whose full name, like mine, is Margaret.
2. I was born in Austin, Texas.
3. My favorite Jane Austen heroine is Emma.
4. I had to watch a video on youtube about the difference between England, the UK, and Great Britain before I moved to London (it's confusing okay).
5. I lifted most of the characters in my novel from an earlier novel that I started writing in 2005, and never finished.
6. I believe in God.
7. I hate Mexican food!
8. I love bland food. The blander the better! At Nando's they always judged me for ordering plain chicken. :(
9. After starting to date Greg I gained almost 40 lbs, and then a few years ago I joined Weight Watchers and lost it all. WW is like a religion to me now and I will evangelize at you if you bring it up.
10. I'm a very very judgmental person.
11. But I try to see things from other people's points of view and always give people a second chance.
12. I'm an optimist and an idealist, and I hate cynical people.
13. While writing my novel I listened to a lot of Owl City, Robyn, and Keane.
14. I really hate babies, and pregnancy, and the idea of giving birth and carrying a child, but I still want to have a kid one day.
15. I haven't read any of the Song of Ice and Fire books, but I love love love the show.
16. For a semester in college, I thought I wanted to teach high school English.
17. I played violin for a few months before switching to cello. Violin was way too painful, and I liked the idea of sitting down while I played.
18. I hate the smell of perfume, and most scented soaps or lotions.
19. I have a account and you can still read a Liberty's Kids fanfic that I posted there in high school. Good luck finding it.
20. At my old job in Portland I used to spend most of my time at work reading NC-17 Sherlock slash fic.
21. In 6th grade I wore a wallet chain.
22. I rule at parallel parking, and sometimes Greg and I switch places so I can park for him.
23. I saw The Phantom Menace 8 times in the theater, and it's my favorite of the prequels.
24. I've seen Daniel Radcliffe's penis.
25. I don't really know how to use my DSLR even though I've read the manual twice.
26. My favorite comfort movie is A Knight's Tale.
27. The only Neil Gaiman books I've read are Stardust, Neverwhere, American Gods, and Good Omens. I couldn't get into Anansi Boys.
28. I'm a Lord of the Rings elitist. I think that anyone who didn't grow up reading the books isn't a true fan.
29. I'm missing one of my bottom molars; there's just a big gap where a tooth should be.
30. I love Kristen Stewart.

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