Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Outfit no. 50

Skirt and shirt: F21, belt and coat:, shoes: New Look, glasses: Ray-Ban

I don't normally include my coat in outfit photos, but I've started wearing this one I got ages ago (you may recall it from my first and only haul video), because Lyall peed all over my usual Urban Outfitters coat. I'm worried about washing it, as it could easily get fucked up in the washing machine. I may just Febreze it?? Gahh help I don't even know. In the meantime I shall wear this far less warm coat! And since I haven't featured it in an outfit post yet, here it is. It's definitely photogenic, but so, so not warm. Sadface.

I've been feeling pretty good about life lately. Well, more than I had been. Which is nice. I was feeling a bit bleak for a while, and it wasn't fun. I've just been trying to think more positively, and stop dwelling on all the negative thoughts and worries and whatever ennui dwells in my brain at any given time. I tend to retreat into the darkness of my own mind a lot of the time, so I've just been trying to replace random outbursts of sadness, anger, frustration, and pessimism with more positive thoughts. Every night now, as I fall asleep, I think about everything I'm grateful for, and everything I want to accomplish in the near future. I don't think of it as, "Oh I wish I could accomplish this," but instead, "It's gonna seriously rule when I accomplish this." And sometimes even, "I have already accomplished this and I will revel in the joy of it," even though I haven't actually. There's a cheesy as all hell video/book/thing called The Secret that Greg and I watched on Netflix in a fit of boredom, and according to it, that's what you're meant to do if you want a sports car to appear in your driveway. Pretend you already own the car. Your positive thoughts will make it happen!! They send wavelengths into the air or something and then the things you want just start showing up unexpectedly!

Aside from all of the stupid hokeyness of it, though, is a core message that I think is really important, which is positive thinking. Whether or not a Mercedes shows up in my living room, life is a lot better if I'm not constantly stewing in negative thoughts. Which, admittedly, I often do. So I thought, what can it hurt? Why shouldn't I try thinking about things differently, more optimistically? It's not like being a sad sack was doing anything for me.

So here I am a few days later, feeling a billion times better about life than I was only last week. And I've had two requests for material from agents this week, which is so exciting, and basically I'm realizing how completely useless it is to focus on all the bad things in life. I mean I'm not even close to being super cheerful and peppy, not by even a little bit. But instead of letting myself get angry over tiny things like getting cut off in traffic, or my dog peeing on me, I just let it roll off me and move on. I feel kind of liberated, to be honest.

And that's enough silly inspirational word-vomit for one post! I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday afternoon.

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Daphne Mitra said...

Hi Meg,

Found your blog through Vivatramp. I was just reading your post above -- about feeling blue and in the dumps, the entire February felt like that for me. My dad was in I.C.U. for the most part of the month, I couldn't be with my family, and problems kept creeping out of everywhere (basically). Then you discovered The Secret which is actually a book I enjoy but the video which is word per word what's in the book is cheesy. Hahahaha! I do go back to it though for the message: thoughts become reality :) That's what I choose to take away from it.