Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dem Shoes

This is simply a little post to pay homage to one of my favorite pairs of shoes of all time: these flats. You may remember them from outfit posts back in Portland (probably not), and also from yesterday's post. They're nothing super special, but I had a mini-drama involving them recently, and I figured I would share because... well because.

So I got these shoes from the Blowfish site almost two years ago. I'd seen LLYMLRS wearing a lot of loafers with similar chain details at the time, and they caught my fancy, so I bought them.

Cue a few months later, leaving for London, and they're already worn in and getting gross from wearing them basically every day. They were my go-to shoes, and I wore them all the time. Because they go with everything and they're suuuper comfy. Anyway, while across the Pond I stopped wearing them because they really became quite ugly after months of subjecting them to the London streets. At one point I used one of them to kill a spider under my bed, and I left it there until I moved out. And then instead of taking them with me, I threw them away.

Cue a couple weeks ago, when I suddenly had a serious craving for black loafers with chain detail. I have a pair from London, but they're far too small and pinch my toes. I thought, "Why oh why did I leave my favorite flats in London? ...Oh yeah because they were gross and had been used as anti-spider weaponry." And then I thought, "I must purchase a new pair of said shoes!"

Only they weren't on the Blowfish site anymore, as they were two years old. And they weren't on Zappos, or, or any of the sites where you can generally buy out-of-season shoes. Falling into despair, I googled "Blowfish Nexi flats"... and an Amazon marketplace seller popped up, selling exactly one pair of the black ones in my size! I freaked out and ordered them immediately, posting about it on Facebook and everything in my excitement. At last, my ideal shoes would be with me again! And I would wear them every day and it would be perfect.

But then. I got an email confirming the shipment of my shoes. And they were going... to Portland. NOOOO! I'd accidentally selected the wrong shipping address in my giddy rush to buy the shoes! Once more I spiralled into the Vortex of Despair, and made an overwrought post about it on Facebook because I had nothing better to do.

I thought I'd never see the shoes. I thought I'd fucked up my one and only chance to own the shoes again. My friends commented with helpful suggestions, but I was inconsolable. I emailed Amazon and told them what had happened, but they were unable to do anything except issue me a refund and take responsibility for my stupidity in selecting the wrong mailing address. (Your customer service rules, Amazon.)

Thinking all was lost, I received an unexpected comment from my bestie Rose's mom, Janna. She said, against all odds, she'd managed to find another pair of the Nexi flats, on Amazon, for $10 cheaper than the ones I'd sent to the wrong address! And since I was at work when she commented, she freaked out when I didn't reply, and ended up ordering them for me! She was a total hero! So now I have the shoes in my possession, at last, and I couldn't have done it without my surrogate mom, Janna. You are amazing, Janna, I love you!

So, very long story about a pair of shoes that nobody will find interesting except me, my mom, and Janna, but hey. I didn't have anything else to blog about today.

Do you guys have any awesome stories of finding that one item of clothing, or just that one thing, that you thought you'd never find? Or like, when that dress you've been eyeing for months is finally on sale and there's only one left and it's in your size? I love stories like that! Share. I beseech you.

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