Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Outfit no. 57

Dress, bird necklace, and earrings: F21; tights: Target; shoes: Blowfish (via Amazon); blazer: H&M, bracelet: Mintgem; glasses: Ray-Ban

I don't know how I feel about today's outfit. It seemed super good in my head, but I think overall the dress ruined it. I just cannot sort out how to style this stupid dress! It's driving me crazy, and I'd just get rid of it if I hadn't made a weird pact with myself not to get rid of any of my clothes ever again. Still, at least this blazer kind of saves the whole thing from looking super frumpy/twee-town. I got it on sale for $10, and I am in love with it! It'll look better with something a bit more structured, though, I think. Dang I don't like this dress; what was I thinking.

ANYWAY. I have a non-interesting story to tell about these shoes, and a shout-out to make, but that will have its own post, so look out. 

Is it a belt? Should I be wearing a belt with this? I'm thinking maybe yes... Man, I am just not with it lately. Who am I? Where am I? Why.

I got this bracelet via Chictopia, where you like... redeem your "chic points" for "rewards." I don't really go on that site except to create traffic to my blog (shameless), so I was like what the hell! And redeemed 1k points or something for this bracelet. I actually really, really like it! I'm weird about the bracelets I'll wear, and this fits the bill. It's small enough for my wrist, delicate, and doesn't get in the way when I'm typing. Yay. Also, weirdly, the Etsy seller who made it is based in SLC! You should all check out her shop, it has some seriously cute stuff available. And I'm saying this with no compensation, I just really like her jewelry!

Picked up the bird necklace the other week at Forever21, because I can't go in there without making at least one small impulse purchase. Or many impulse purchases. It's kind of impossible not to, though, with their accessory prices. Aaand I have no idea where I got the teapot necklace. I have this feeling somebody got it for me as a present, but I'm not sure who? Maybe I bought it for myself? I don't know! Either way, it is amazing.

Now it is time to dig into the chocolate chocolate chip soft top cookies that I got at Smith's bakery because they make the best cookies EVER, aaand I'm shedding my uterine lining so I need make no excuses.

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