Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Outfit no. 55

Dress and shoes: H&M, cardi: Target, necklace:, glasses: Ray-Ban

This cardigan was an impulse buy at Target yesterday. But let's be honest... most of my purchases at Target are on impulse. We aaaall know how Target works. One can never have too many cardis, though, and this one is appropriately spring-y. Ugh, spring. I do like being warmer in general, as I'm never warm enough in the winter, but ugh sunshine and things!

My bestie Rose is giving me shit because I can't finish Clockwork Angel or Beautiful Creatures, and we were supposed to read them together. I don't know what's wrong with me! I might be broken? I've been listening to audiobooks at work, which is awesome, but I seem physically incapable of reading a book now. My attention span is minimal, and if I'm not immediately sucked into the book I just get bored. I keep trying with Beautiful Creatures, but all I can think while reading is, "Who caaaaares?" which isn't the best reaction to a book, I'll admit. Ugh. Maybe I'll give Clockwork Angel another try, because there should seriously be absolutely NO REASON not to love it!

I'm getting into TV shows easily, though, which isn't always the case! I finished season 2 of Suits (I love Louis Litt!!), and am nearly caught up with Girls season 2. I'm also really enjoying History Channel's Vikings, which I'm told isn't entirely historically accurate, but as I don't know anything about that period of history, or really Vikings in general, I find it wholly entertaining. It should hold me over until Game of Thrones season 3, anyway. Which I am so excited for I can't even talk about it. Moving on... I might start watching The Tudors, which I never watched while it was on, because I love a good historically inaccurate show with lots of boobs and bonus Jonathan Rhys-Meyers!

What books/shows/movies are you guys into or looking forward to? There are so many summer movies I'm excited about, but that fangirl explosion will probably happen in another post. (STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS OMG OMG OMG)

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