Monday, March 18, 2013

Outfit no. 56

Dress: H&M, shoes: c/o GoJane, necklace: Primark, belt: Target (came w/a dress), glasses: Ray-Ban

Ooh, I'm givin' you a smouldering glance! It's all in an effort to distract you from my wonky necklace. This one's difficult to control, with its little bits always flipping upside-down and things! It's a great necklace though. Made it all the way across the Pond thanks to Shaun! Shaun, you're the best.

I suppose I'm accidentally-on-purpose channeling the sort of blue/neon yellow thing I've seen happening at Forever21. I've no idea if it's simply isolated to F21 (though I doubt it), but I like the look of these colors together! So I'm trying my hand at it. I also saw Betty wearing something similar a while ago, and thought, "I must copy that." Obviously she actually manages to pull it off and look effortlessly cool, while I look like a creeper try-hard, but... well she's French. It's in her blood to look effortlessly cool all the time, damn her. I can only ever dream of being so chic.

I'm planning to review a couple books on the ol' blog pretty soon here! I just finished Clockwork Angel, and I'm working on Sharps by K.J. Parker and loving it. It's super refreshing to read a wordier, more complex adult fantasy as opposed to all the YA romance I'd been reading lately. I love YA, but sometimes all the cliches and overwrought teens get tiresome. I like to sink my teeth into a novel in which the fantasy world's political system makes absolutely no sense to me and I have no idea what's going on half the time, y'know? Well, at least a little. Too much confusion can be a bad thing. But good writing and a non-romantic plot that involves fencing? It's just what the doctor ordered. (Not the Doctor. I wish.)

And now it's time for some Thin Mints and a book.

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