Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Over-Exposed Mourning

Thank you ever so to my long-suffering boyfriend Greg for taking these shots. Sadly, these are pretty much the only two that came out not blurry, and all of them were over-exposed. I love my boyfriend, very much, but has he ever used a digital camera before?

That said, today was pretty anxiety-ridden at the outset. I had a phone interview at 1:30, and spent the hour or so before that sitting stiffly in my desk chair, looking at my phone, thinking I should probably go to the bathroom but worrying I wouldn't have enough time -- what if they phoned right as I was in there? Finally the call came, and it went much more smoothly than expected. Wish me luck for employment here in Portland, kids!

I am wearing: Old Navy skirt, American Eagle tee, Wet Seal belt (came with some skirt I no longer have), Target flats and tights, F21 necklace.

I decided to wear all black and brown today. Greg's first reaction was, "Are you in mourning?" ...Yes. I am mourning the fact that I don't have a black dress that I could have worn. Instead, I was forced to combine a t-shirt/nightie and a tiered skirt. Oh well, works for me!

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Laura Sue said...

You are so cute even in mourning! ;-) Glad your interview went well! Keep me posted!!!

Diya said...

cute! love the pop of color in the belt.

flattery said...

The leopard flats make this outfit POP!
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Becca said...

I'm sure your interview went great!! I love how you mixed in the leopard print outfit to your black outfit - I have to disagree with Greg, because who wears leopard print to mourn!

joninel said...

love your flat shoes :)

Style ninfa said...

Very cute outfit ;)
Love the flats <3
Xoxo. Angie

Frock Around the Clock said...

The tan and leopard print accessories really make this outfit! I don't really have any black dresses either - I always get wayyy too distracted by brightly coloured items to think about buying black! :) x