Friday, June 25, 2010

Star Trek

I'm wearing: Hot Topic t-shirt, F21 skirt, Target flats and necklace.

(Disclaimer: I took these photos myself! Inside! That's why they suck. Sorry... I'll drag Greg outside again tomorrow.)

Okay, maybe this is my favorite t-shirt ever. It, too, was given to me by my mom! I see a theme here. Sadly this is, I believe, where the list of Tees Given To Me By My Mom ends. However, I don't love this shirt just because my mom gave it to me. Oh no. I love it because it is emblazoned with the words "Star Trek", and a picture of the Enterprise. How is that not automatic favorite t-shirt material? It totally is!

I know, I know. But let's try not to be jealous of this epic shirt. You can all have one too, by simply visiting your local emo store Hot Topic! Run, don't walk! (Okay I admit, I shop at Hot Topic more than just rarely... but no need to tell anyone.)

Threw this lovely ensemble on to get some lunch at Cha Cha Cha! with Greg and my friend. I had steak fajitas, which were delicious! But they gave me a stomach ache, as usual when I try to eat Mexican. I think I'm getting used to it, though. That's right, stomach, pull it together! Harden up! If you want to experience delicious fajitas ever again, I expect you to step it up next time.

Oh hey, The Golden Compass finished downloading! I'm gonna go do that now...


Fashion Chalet said...

Great blog, love the way you mix & match when you dress. :)


D e g a i n e said...

nice outfit and cute blog :)


Britta said...

I love that Star Trek tee! I wear my Doctor Who dalek one with a similar outfit!

Leigh said...

Love the shirt. WAY too nerdy-awesome. And you actually make it look stylish.