Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Star Power

Yes, the oft-sought Star Power, the power that makes you become a psychedelic rainbow strobe person, all enemies annihilated at your touch! Star Power! Star Power.

Now that that's out of the way, I had a very inspirational and life-affirming talk on the phone with a dear friend today. She gave me some insights that I have been reaching for, yet missing, for many years now. A life change takes more than just a conversation, but the two of us are so alike, and I feel that if she can do it, so can I. There's no need to lie around fatigued and negative all the time!

Speaking of fatigued: today's outfit. I was actually "lounging" around in pants and a t-shirt earlier, as it was laundry day, but I may or may not be getting pints with a friend later, so I figured I should put on some actual clothes. That, and who wants to spend their whole day in pants and a tee? NOBODY.

I am wearing: Forever21 skirt & necklace, Betsey Johnson sweater tights via Modcloth (you can't see the bow pattern really; sad), Target flats (from the little girls' section!), AA sweatshirt.

Thus, the sweatshirt and skirt unbeatable combo. This is pretty much a staple for me: short skirt, tights, flats, something on top. Stay tuned to discover what I'll wear on top next!!


Chelsea Elizabeth said...

your outfit is amazing.
purple looks great on you! :-)

<3chelsea elizabeth

Vicki said...

Love your glasses!!!!! :) x