Friday, September 24, 2010

Android Love

Okay guys... okay. Let's just clear things up once and for all. If you're worried I may like Star Trek more than Star Wars, please -- direct your attention to the following:

And that's what it's all about. Let's get some love up in here for every sci fi badassery! Including Stargate. Let's not forget that. I love them all equally, but in different ways. As if they were my children.

I may have had some beer tonight. Deal with it.

p.s. I encourage any related questions for the Q&A post of doom!


HollyElise said...

I love you, Meg :)

Kvestions... Hmmm...


What are your feelings on Hellboy?
Have you read Hellboy comics?
Have you seen the animated Hellboy movies?

That's all you'll get from me, I just got home from a marathon Hellboy reading session at the bookstore *bookworm* :)

jungleworldcitizen said...

I'm all for love... lol
And this pic just reminds me of the premiere of The Big Bang Theory I just saw :D

Have a great Saturday!

Kastles said...

hahahha oh good I am glad I did not offend! I love it! I hope you had some lovely beer and have a great weekend! Cheers.

Between Laundry Days said...

Bahahahaha. Love it.

MMM said...

you blog is amazing!! love it love it love it!!

have a look at

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

HAHA! Oh Meg, how I adore your posts whenever they're under the influence. That sounds worse than I meant it to. But really, that picture is beyond awesome, and your rant is adorable.

Question for the Q&A! Have you ever watched Firefly?

I'm so glad we share a secret crush on LLBean and Ferngully!! I totally endorse nostalgia movie night. It's really funny the crazy things you notice about kids movies, in retrospect. Oh, and your boy advice totally made. my. WEEKEND.

"If he says no (why would he, you're awesome and gorgeous), then fuck 'im and sit somewhere else. The end! :)"

LOVE IT x 75000! We're actually in the small/big (medium?) talk phase. Eeeeek!

Rai said...

Hello! I featured you in my recent blogspiration post, I thought you might be interested in reading it >> I hope it's ok that I featured you, I linked back to you! x

Caged Fury said...

I'm being selfish to ask, but what's the most badass 21 Questions answer ever?

PS Please call your father about Thanksgiving!!!!! .|. (that's the deep wrinkle in the middle of his forhead, in a pronounced state)