Monday, September 27, 2010

Your Questions: ANSWERED!

WARNING: There are no pictures in this blog post. Get out while you still can.

Who is your favourite fictional character?
Ultimately it is a character I made up, named Lucian, but I think it would be more interesting for everyone if I chose a character everybody else knew. So... I'm gonna go with The Doctor!

what is your favorite item in your closet?
This is suuuper boring, but I have to say it: my black Old Navy cardigan. It goes with everything, it's super soft and comfy, and I wear it pretty much every day.

What is your favorite music?
My tastes differ depending on mood, but I do have a general range of things that I stick to. I love melodic electronic-y music, like Shiny Toy Guns for example. I'm also a huge fan of female artists with a rich sound, like Florence + The Machine, or Marina & the Diamonds. I will always love Celtic and folk music, as well as new-age style stuff like Enya. Oftentimes when I want something upbeat, I'm drawn to more indie, hipster music, like Vampire Weekend or The Decemberists (are they indie anymore?). So I guess it varies... but my three favorite artists of all time ever are: Jethro Tull, Patrick Wolf, and Shiny Toy Guns.

What are your feelings on Hellboy? / Have you read Hellboy comics? / Have you seen the animated Hellboy movies?
Omg Hellboy! So, no. I have not read the comics or seen the animated movies. I'm admittedly not a huge comic reader, but I do dabble from time to time. I've seen the first live action movie, though! I thought it was super fun. I really wanted to see the second one, but Greg was against it, and I haven't gotten 'round to watching it on my own yet.

Have you ever watched Firefly?
Uh... YEAH! It's only my favorite show ever in the world! It beats out Doctor Who and Stargate SG-1, amazingly. The characters are just so awesome, and I love every episode. I can't believe Fox canceled it! I wish they'd make a sequel to Serenity. I just love Mal so much, and Simon... and Kaylee! And Wash! And everyone else... wah.

So, uh...was it Twilight porn?
This was not submitted for the Q&A post, but I felt it ought to be added. No it wasn't porn! Sadface! It was just a really inappropriate and badly made Twilight spoof!

you're so dinky, how tall are you?
Haha, dinky! Yes, I am dinky. I'm a little over 5'1".

What do you wish you knew when you started blogging?
I wish I knew how to take good photographs; I still do! How the eff do people do it?

Do you ever pick a bugger, roll it around and then flick it?

Do you really long to come clean about the ranch dressing incident? I notice you have mentioned it more than once lately...
Whoever you are, you're creeping my facebook! And, no.

random question time - do your tights ever stick to skirts? do you know how do get rid of it? i cannot seem to keep my skirt from clinging.
I... don't seem to have this problem? Or maybe I do and I don't notice, and I'm just wandering around with clingy skirts, completely oblivious. I would say, rub your tights and the inside of your skirt with a dryer sheet. Or wear a slip!

why does kraft mac and cheese taste so good?? lol, tho seriously when are you gonna come to the uk and visit me?
Because it's gooey and unnaturally orange. I will visit you as soon as humanly possible! I want to go to the UK more than anything in the world!

What are your favorite things to do in Portland?
Eat dinner out with my awesome friends, walk along Hawthorne and look in the stores, take the MAX downtown for coffee or a happy hour... pretty much anything that involves friends, food or coffee, and shopping.

how did you meet your boyfriend?
Awkward story: he used to be my ex boyfriend's roommate. Greg and I became good friends, and when my ex broke up with me, Greg and I just sort of happened naturally. It created a big pile of drama in our social circle, but I'll stop before this becomes a case of tl;dr.

what do you do to style your hair/bangs?
After washing or wetting down my hair, I put in some Garnier Fructisse leave-in conditioner, focusing on the ends and curliest parts of my hair. Then I blow-dry my bangs straight just pulling at them with my fingers while I dry, and then turn my head upside down and dry the rest of my hair. When it's still a bit damp, I then use a flat iron to straighten my bangs even more. If it's raining out I put in this stuff that's supposed to protect my hair from moisture, which I'm pretty sure doesn't actually work. I sometimes try to define my curls by twisting them around my fingers. That's if I'm not feeling lazy (which is rarely). The end.

How did you get into fashion blogging?
I guess it all started with Gala Darling, whose blog inspired me at a time in my life when I needed a lot of inspiration. Then I moved on to The Clothes Horse, who represented interests and a lifestyle that seemed so magical and fascinating to me. The way she styled her clothes was like nothing I'd seen before in my life in Montana. After that I just felt the calling of Clothes and Style, and after a trip to NYC with my dad in October of 2008, I created my first blog, Meg Sue & You. I lost interest with that due to a horrible body image, low self-esteem, and an extreme case of cynicism in regards to the entire blogging world. I only started again after losing 30 lbs, and being super bored and unemployed after moving to Portland. I also realized that I wanted to blog for fun, and to cultivate my own style, not because I wanted fame or money or free clothes or whatever. So now it's a lot more fun. The end!

What are your hopes & dreams for the future? And what's your worst habit?
Hopes and dreams include: traveling to as many awesome places in the world as possible, writing and publishing a fantasy novel, attending a masquerade ball, and finding utter happiness. My worst habit is my tendency to undersell myself, and as a result, give up on things before I start.


Sarah said...

I totally have to agree with you. I know cardigans are boring but it's my go to for so many of my outfits. I'd definitely pick my black cardigan as my go to item!

HollyElise said...

Yay Q&A!!

Firefly is my favourite show as well, hands down. And I do think you should try to see the second Hellboy movie - or at least the two animated ones which are FANTASTIC!

*hugs* because you're awesome.

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing... especially the part about your defunct blog and thoughts around that. It's always scary putting yourself out there and your readers appreciate your honesty :)


.Alyspank said...

Let the record show that if you ever do publish a novel, I promise to be one of the first people to buy it.

Some of your answers are just too funny! And lots of compliments towards you on great taste in music!


Porcelain complexion said...

Loved your answers!!
Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself.

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

"I just love Mal so much, and Simon... and Kaylee! And Wash! And everyone else... wah."

If you haven't already seen it, this might entertain you for five minutes: .

I love that you answer embarrassing questions. And that our hair styling techniques are disturbingly similar!

She is Sara said...

GWAH!!! STG?!!! I waited outside in the snow in January a few years ago to see them at the Magic Stick in Detroit!! I got to take pics with them after, <3!!!

And Firefly! It's like Star wars meets bonanza. I was so upset when it ended. I think i might have loved it more than Buffy. :)

Awesome post Meg! And you can def play the cello in Mean Mr. Mustard. :P said...

great post.
it is interesting when you write about fashion blog...
keep in touch, if you want.
let me know.
ciao from Milan
Nicola freshONpr

Michal said...

I love this! I don't really know what else to say. haha Your answers made me laugh (don't worry, not all of them but most).

Keep up the good work on the ole blogaroo.


Lauren said...

great answers, I love your wit. And I challenge anyone to a duel who doesn't like Firefly, or Cowboy Bebop for that matter.

It's neat to see the two different your in your old blog and here, it does seem like you are having more fun with it now which is awesome...

Congrats on all
Sparrow & Urchin

Lulu and the Locket said...

great Q&A, thank you for answering my questions sweets xx

Britty said...

dude these are awesome q&a! my sister love hellboy!

Justice Pirate said...

I love Enya. yey. noooo Doctor Who (classic series) rules out any show. . .but I've been watching it since I was 6 and my dad watched it when it came out in 1964, so it's just a part of my family love (other than my mom. . my brothers and I always watch it still, and my husband loves it all too)..
your answers made me laugh a lot though. Great job. hehehehehehehe. did your ex find it odd that his friend started dating you?

Jasmine Lee said...

wow what a great time to find your blog! love these questions and answers!

hope you come check out my blog

xoxo, jaz

✿ren said...

I really enjoyed reading this post, and yes why was Firefly canceled?!?! zzzzz

And wow I didn't know that your hair takes so much effort to keep up. o_O