Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bacon Buttie

In an attempt to avoid a run-in with the cleaning ladies today (it was my turn to have my en-suite bathroom cleaned), I went into Uxbridge for breakfast and half-assed job hunting. The former was successful, the latter not so much. Thankfully it's a nice chilly day today, blustery and damp, so I was able to wear tights and a sweater, yay. I'm easily pleased.

I ended up at Starbucks for breakfast because it's familiar and I know how to pay there (still intimidated by every eating establishment in England as I've no idea how to pay or tip or anything so I just try not to do it at all). To my delight, I found weird British food things at Starbucks! I almost bought a mature cheddar and mushroom croissant, but ended up with a bacon buttie. A bacon buttie. It said on the wrapper, "Bacon Buttie." EVERYTHING HERE SOUNDS HILARIOUS. So I got a bacon buttie with brown sauce and a latte, and it was delicious, and it was a bacon buttie.

Uxbridge is a pretty cool place. I like it. There's a shopping center so I don't feel like I'm in the sticks, but it's friendly and dare I say quaint (the man at the computer center on campus told me it wasn't quaint, but he isn't from the Land of Everything New, i.e. America, so). I mean, there's stained glass in the tube station! Quaint.

Not so excitingly quaint was my "job hunting" adventure. I went into several shops in Chimes and asked if they were hiring. They all said they'd just hired someone recently, except River Island, which claimed to be hiring but she told me I had to apply on the website. Of course I came home and went on the website and naturally there weren't any vacancies listed there. Frustration. Any tips for part-time jobs in London? I've no idea of the best way to go about it, and I'm unfamiliar with most shops here so if anybody has any suggestions I'd be beyond grateful for them.

In other news, I finally got my MoriarTea shirt from Qwertee! I promptly cut off the collar and made it a boat neck because I won't wear crew neck shirts unless they're pajamas. I have a phobia of things around my neck, plus I feel like they make me look fat. I KNOW, completely stupid but there it is. Anyway I love how the shirt came out, and will def wear it around hoping to be spotted by fellow Sherlockians. (No, I'm not wearing pants. It's called laziness.)

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