Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Oh hi, many moons since I was last here. Not. HAHAHAHA is the "not joke" still hilarious? I still use it, regardless of its comedic value, because I find it hilarious!


So I'm having this issue of, "Where do I shop for super cheap and/or used clothing in London?" I've been to Primark, which is awesome, but I guess I'm curious about even cheaper options like charity shops. Is Oxfam pretty good? There's also this Heart Foundation shop on the Uxbridge high street that's really small but seems cool. Any other suggestions? I'm curious because 1) I need more sweaters for damn cheap, and 2) I need an Eleventh Doctor costume by Saturday the 29th so I can cosplay at the London MCM Expo. YES I'M JUST THAT COOL. So, suggestions? I'm so useless at London, you guys.

ALSOOO if anyone wants to be my friend and hang out in London or outside London at any point, unless you're a creeper/murderer, let me know! I've got like 2 friends here so I will cling to you like a crazy person! I mean friend. I'll cling to you like a friend. Just email me or comment or tweet me, and we can go take dumb photos of things! (I'm so pathetic I'm asking for friends on my blog.)

Okay well this post has been pointless. I love you all! ♥

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