Friday, October 14, 2011

Doctor Who Experience

Hey what's up? Oh, I'm good. Just chilling in the Tenth Doctor's TARDIS. As you do. No big deal.

Many things in my life are no big deal (such as running into Mark Gatiss; not even mentioning, that), but some things actually are, and the Doctor Who Experience is definitely a big deal, you guys! Not only do you get to take part in an adventure with the Doctor, you get to drive the TARDIS, get freaked out by various monsters (OMG Weeping Angels), and then look at cool props, costumes, and sets from the show. I may be a huge nerd, but I think it was totally worth the £17.50 admission! You'll have to ask Shaun if she agrees, haha.

Gonna do something a bit different and put captions under each photo, since I feel it is the most efficient way in which to relate the cool stuff we saw. Yeah.

First thing we saw after the "experience" was this hideous thing, i.e. a wax figure of Matt Smith. The guide told us it's an actual mold of his head, which I find terrifying.

This is an actual TARDIS they used in filming, so we are told! The guide said he took a picture of it and then watched an episode and actually matched up the wood grain on them so clearly he has put in the research.

DAVID TENNANT WAS IN THIS. Apparently the jacket is actually made from a pair of trousers! Which worked better in the end, because they would've had to alter a jacket for the skinny boy anyway.

For those of you who are Fourth Doctor fans. That scarf is amazing.

The Ponds! I love Amy's wardrobe from series 5. Not so much from series 6, but what can you do.

I need these signs in my room.

I miss Ten's TARDIS a little bit! To make matters worse they had a screen in the background showing Ten's regeneration into Eleven, so it was like, thanks for making me cry in the TARDIS, guys.

Shaun in the TARDIS! She's the perfect fandom buddy, let me tell you.

Creepy as fuck. There were also a few of these bastards hanging from the ceiling in a corner somewhere but I couldn't get a proper photo of them.

Are you my mummy?

Dalek line-up! They had all the Daleks since the beginning of the show but I was only bothered with the last two. Lazy.

Last but not least, the Face of Boe. He's my favorite alien in the show, bar none! Well, not including the Doctor of course.

So there you have it, the Doctor Who Experience! If you're in London and a fan of Doctor Who and you can spare the monies, it's really worth it. So much fun to see all the costumes and everything, I really love that kind of thing! Especially since they're the ones that were actually worn by the actors. I failed to take photos of them but they also had Donna, Martha, and Rose's costumes as well as Jack Harkness and one of River Song's dresses, plus a bunch of other minor characters. Loved it!

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