Saturday, October 29, 2011

MCM Expo

Today was quite long, and I grew some new blisters (as well as making a few old ones even bigger), but it was completely awesome, and worth it! This morning Shaun and I met up with my friend Hellen and her boyfriend Tim, and ventured into the jaws of the London MCM Expo. I didn't quite know what to expect (other than a ton of cosplay nerds, my fave), and it turned out to be tons of fun. I wish I'd taken more photos of cosplayers, but I was feeling shy and didn't want to stop every single dude dressed as the Eleventh Doctor for a photo. There were so many amazing costumes though, it was kind of overwhelming! I absolutely love that sort of thing; there was endless people-watching to be had.

I did get a picture of the Companion Cube for Greg (it was just sitting there, alone by the stairs), and various other randomness that will shortly follow. The highlight for me, though, was meeting Gideon Emery and Adam Howden, the voice actors of Fenris and Anders from Dragon Age 2. They totally signed photos of the characters, and I had to resist the urge to be like "CAN YOU SAY SOMETHING IN FENRIS'S VOICE BLAH OMG FANGIRL EXPLOSION." That would've been embarrassing. Instead I said to Gideon, "I ROMANCE FENRIS EVERY TIME I PLAY THROUGH," which is just as embarrassing, and on so many more levels. Sigh. At least I got a sweet caption out of it (lmao):

Adam, on the other hand, was totally mature in his.

(Look at lurking Edgeworth in the background!)

More weird fangirl goals: ACHIEVED! I need to make a check-list or something, because I'm racking up the nerdy celeb meetings. Here, have some more photos with captions written by me, right now.

First thing we found was "Cyber Candy" which is apparently street speak for "American junk food". There were so many people buying it! (We later found another table selling American food and bought a bunch of Twizzlers for £1.60 per tiny packet.)

Love this one of Shaun! She is surrounded by a milieu of geekdom. (Can you spot the half-assed Doctor cosplay in the background?)

So excited for the Avengers movie.

There was this steampunk area. Shaun was all "what's steampunk" so I explained it, and at first she was dubious, but after seeing a few men in steampunk cosplay now she won't shut up about it! Shaun: Officially Into Steampunk Now.

Awkwardly racist toy.

Companion Cube! I have not played Portal, but one day... I will.

These dudes were just hanging out in a cluster, having their pictures taken endlessly. I wonder what they look like in there. Are any of them women? Questions.

Creepy glowy-eyed Jawas.

Well guys, that's about it for photos of the Expo! I know, I totally dropped the ball on that one. Oh well, I won't mess it up next time. Next time I'll take a photo of every single Doctor cosplayer I see. Every single one.

In ~normal real life news~, after the Expo I went to look at a flat in Walthamstow, which I have high hopes for, but we'll leave it at that until I hear back from the landlord! Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. ♥

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