Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Room

Like a proper genius, I failed to bring my Canon with me yesterday on my adventures. Thus you will not see photos of them in my blog. Woe! You may ask, "What did you do yesterday that I should care about or want photos from?" Well! I'll tell you, even if you didn't ask that and are just scrolling down hoping for some more double-decker bus photos. Sorry, nope, just pictures of my room in fact.

As I said, though, I had adventures yesterday! First, I went and toured the BBC Television Center with Shaun. I had a hell of a time with public transport on the way there, and long story short I showed up several minutes late, but they'd waited for me thanks to Shaun, and therefore we had a magical fangirly time in the BBC. It was really fun, and the two tour guides were informative as well as hilarious, so it was perfect. There were photos and quotes from various BBC shows along the hallways, and every time we saw something from Sherlock or Doctor Who we'd flail and squee, and once we saw a photo of Mark Gatiss which was exciting, and we also saw things like Cyberman heads and Daleks and the TARDIS (again? How many are there in London?). Run-on sentence, sorry, but the excitement cannot be contained in a normal-length sentence!

After the BBC we had a quick bite and then took the tube to Camden Town, which turns out to be amazing, and which I'd better just let you experience for yourselves in the form of my fabulous photography the next time I go there. It was really a feast for the senses, with stalls of food and clothing and jewelery and lots of pubs and music and vintage shops and countless statues of horses for some reason. It was incredible, and so fun. I'll definitely be back to take a billion pictures. So, patience.

Now that that's out of the way, I thought I'd post some more boring day-to-day photos, mostly for my mom, and for friends back home who I'm sure are just dying to see what my dorm room is like. Hint: it looks like every other dorm room in the entire world.

Before you ask, yes I am watching Doctor Who Confidential on my Macbook. I'm depressed that they canceled it; what a great show. It was almost more fun than Doctor Who itself, but only just.

As you can see I didn't bother to straighten up before taking photos of the room. There's an empty water bottle on the floor by my bed under the window, if you missed it. Classy stuff happening right there. Also those Cheddars on my desk are addictive and I urge you to stay away from them! They're worse than Pringles. Well, maybe not worse but I definitely popped and I can't stop. Harr harr. Also I bought PG Tips because they didn't have English Breakfast at the campus market (how dare they), but I haven't had it yet as it's been too warm to drink hot tea. I'm scared it'll be gross and I bought a whole box of the stuff.

Clearly it's time for me to stop writing here or I'll just start rambling about completely random things, such as my classes, which nobody needs to hear about. Maybe I'll share some of my ~deep thoughts~ in a later post, but for now, this is all you get.

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