Thursday, January 31, 2013

Outfit no. 41

Cardi and necklace: F21, dress: River Island, leg warmers: Target, shoes: Payless, glasses: Ray-Ban

I'm in dire need of a haircut. It's so dire, in fact, that I'm able to put my hair up in a ponytail. Which is good, actually, as a ponytail is necessary in order to get my gross hair as far away from me as possible. I've been super lazy and haven't gotten round to scheduling a haircut, though, so I should probably do that... I guess. At some point. One day.

My feet look really small in these photos. It's kind of freaking me out; it looks like I have tiny hooves for feet or something.

Last night we watched a really intense episode of TNG, where there's a Romulan defector who warns Picard of a hidden Romulan base in the Neutral Zone. It turns out he betrayed his people so that his daughter could grow up in a peaceful world instead of a world torn asunder by space war, but in the end his information was false and had been fed to him as a test of his loyalty. At the end of the episode he killed himself because he would never see his beloved planet or his family again. It was basically the most depressing episode, and I've been thinking about it all day. This is why Star Trek is the best show ever made. ...Except for Doctor Who.

Since I talked about my rings the other day in my blog, here is an up-close photo of them. From left to right: 1) A garnet given to me by my grandparents for high school graduation; 2) Bought at Camden Market in London for £15; 3) Spoon ring from a market stall in Boston during the American Heritage Tour in high school; 4) Claddagh ring from the Washington Renaissance Faire. I might be wearing the Claddagh wrong but... well... whatever.

You can also see, on my left ring finger, an abrasion where I drunkenly whacked my hand against our friend's Rock Band microphone stand. Classic.

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Jessi said...

Haha "drunkenly whacked my hand on our friends rock band microphone stand" awesome.
I love this outfit. That cardi is perfect over the dress and i love the leg warmers! You look darling .
Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post. You are far too kind!