Sunday, March 30, 2014

Emerald City Comicon

So if you follow me on any social media you'll know that Megan and I went to Emerald City Comicon yesterday! And if you know me at all you'll know that pretty much my favorite thing to do in life is go to cons. My very first one was PAX Prime 2010, and ever since then I've got the bug. I love being around huge crowds of like-minded people; it's one of life's most gratifying experiences. Renaissance faires are awesome for the same reasons, but cons... they're better.

Megan had never been to a comic con before, and it was so fun going along with her to her first! She wore a pair of amazing TARDIS leggings and I wore my doge Game of Thrones mashup t-shirt, and we wandered around the expo hall, saw some panels, and people-watched. People-watching is one of my favorite things at cons. Our favorite cosplay that we saw was Steampunk Belle, but sadly we didn't get a photo, and I can't find any anywhere! Someone help, if you see it on the interwebs, send me a link! I did get a photo of an awesome Loki cosplay, though, and there was a TARDIS so obviously we had to wait in line to get a photo with it. 

The highlight of the convention for me, by far, was getting to meet one of my favorite artists, Jakface. I had no idea she was gonna be there (because I am oblivious to everything around me most of the time), so stumbling upon her booth in Artist Alley was the BEST. I bought her Dragon Age Man-Calendar (which is exactly what it sounds like) years ago, and I'm obsessed with her art and a total fangirl. I got so flustered meeting her, but she was super sweet and friendly and I was totally star struck. I probably would have spent all of my money just on her art if I had no self-control. I ended up buying her GAMEboys calendar (which you can buy here), and this print of Alistair from Dragon Age, which combines Art Nouveau and my favorite video game boyfriend, so obviously it's my new favorite thing of all time!! I'm gonna get it properly framed and everything!

Other highlights included: Karl Urban's panel, ugh so hot; a dude wearing the same shirt as me and telling me I wore it better; seeing Noelle Stevenson and being too terrified to approach her booth because she is so awesome; shirtless buff dude in Dragon Ball Z cosplay; everyone cosplaying as any character from Assassin's Creed; Newt/Hermann cosplayers; running into two friends by chance on the expo hall; and the poop emoji pillow, WHICH I DID NOT BUY, whyyyy?

I'm a little bit disappointed that we didn't plan on attending the con for all three days, but I feel like I would have been way more into it than Megan, and she would have grown to hate me by the end. Next year, though, all three days for sure! And I still have Denver Comic Con coming up in June, which I am so excited about I can't even!

And now have a pic of Megan and me at Ramen Man, where we went for dinner with her sisters after the convention. It was a fun-, geek-, and food-filled day of awesome! And the time I got to spend with two of her sisters (which wasn't very much, unfortunately) was really great. 

And that is it from me, because I get to wake up at 4:30 tomorrow morning and go to work after an entire weekend of not catching up on any sleep, oh boy! That's gonna be fun. And by fun I mean absolute torture. Totally worth it though. Totally worth it.

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