Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oscars Weekend

I'm not going to writing group tonight. I've been so busy with life that I didn't get the chance to read the submission, and I didn't want to speed read it and just be useless in the workshop, so I figured I'd just stay home, do some chores around the house, and fill out some DMV paperwork. Apparently I now get to pay money to turn my car into a salvaged car! Wow, thanks, state of Oregon. Hurrrgh, adult things!!

I've been eating a lot of Brussels sprouts lately. I think I'm trying to make up for an entire lifetime without them. I'd never tried them until last fall, and then bam it was instant love. They're perfect. I don't know what it is about them, but they have this subtle, savory flavor that's gorgeous. I saute them with olive oil and pepper and then I eat 'em. With lots of salt and pepper. I've been having them for dinner all the time, just Brussels sprouts, a pile of them on my plate. A super sad single person dinner.

Well I had an eventful weekend! I feel like I'm still recovering from all that socializing. On Friday night, as you know, Megan and I went to NTNT's EP release. Rose and Matt came, which was so awesome, and a bunch of Megan's friends also came along. It was basically just a ton of fun, drinks were cheap, and the music was amazing. Afterwards, Megan and I walked down to the Backstage Bar behind the Bagdad, because apparently nowhere on Hawthorne is open past midnight on a Friday? What the fuck is that all about? Thankfully one bar was open, and serving food, so we inhaled greasy burgers and talked until it was so late. I don't even know how late. So late that I slept until 3:00pm the next day, it turned out.

The next day was Megan's and my good friend Jasmine's birthday party, which we were so excited about. We met her through our friend Rachael, who we worked with at the call center from hell, and she ended up marrying Megan's good friend Dave, so it's now like this crazy network of friends and love! But anyway, I had to buy a dress for the party so I made Megan wander around the Lloyd Center with me for about 5 years while I tried on every dress forever. I fiiiiinally found one, and then we had to rush around getting food and wine and flowers, showering, and whatever. 

We showed up super late to the party, but nobody was mad at us, because everyone there was/is super sweet and amazing. I've hung out with this group of people twice now, and I already feel like they're all good friends. They're so welcoming and fun, and I don't understand why there weren't people like this in Utah. I always felt like the Utah people were keeping me at arm's length. Or maybe I was keeping myself at a distance. I dunno. WHO CARES, I'm not in Utah anymore, look at all the fucks I give! Anyway. The party was great, and I'm so thankful for Jasmine and Megan and all of their lovely friends who have been so warm and welcoming to a perfect stranger. It's a big deal to me.

Sunday was, of course, Oscar night! Rose, Georgia, Megan, and I started out at Red Robin because Megan had been craving their fries and tweeted about it earlier in the week, so it became a whole Thing and we had to go there for lunch before the Oscars. Then we met up at the Hollywood Theater, which was having an Oscars party with pizza and popcorn and cocktaaillls! We did not drink cocktails. We did, however, stuff ourselves with popcorn even though we had already eaten so, so many fries. So many fries. So many fries. I also ate a bunch of cookies that Georgia made, and a bunch of chocolate that Megan brought, and wanted to explode/die by the end of it. 

The Oscars were so much fun though! I've probably never had that much fun watching them before. The crowd was really into it because you could buy ballots and vote on what you thought would win and if you got them all right you won a year of free movies or something I dunno. But it was way fun! And we live tweeted! Well, Rose and I did. And then apparently my mom saw my tweets, and this one about Chris Evans' beard was the final straw because she started watching and live tweeting too. I love my mom! We both tweeted about DDL being a hottie and it was the highlight of my live tweeting experience. How the hell did anyone watch TV or any movie before twitter? I don't understand.

I still feel bloated and gross from the weekend. But it was super fun, and totally worth the disgust I am feeling right now in regards to my bloated, pale, doughy form! So worth it.

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