Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sportsball Bracketing

Super upset that I've not gotten every single game correct in my March Madness bracket so far!! Or whatever! I don't even know the rules of basketball but I am SO READY to win some cash money! Honestly I would be totally okay just winning and not getting a prize; I am that into winning at things. I'm a terrible loser, too. It's great, and by great I mean horrible. If you beat me at something it sucks because I give you abuse, and if I beat you at something it sucks even more because I won and I give you abuse. I should probably just not be allowed to be in competitive situations. One time in high school my friends got super mad at me because I was apparently "gloating" about my good score on the American Revolution quiz in AP US History, as I recall. I was just telling everyone how smart I was okay! Repeatedly! That's not gloating. I will, however, gloat if I win this March Madness thing. Even though I'm pretty sure I won't.

In other news, I really hate not having my car readily available to me. It's at the shop getting a bunch of shit done to it I guess, and the guy had to order tires for it so I'm not sure when the hell I get it back? So annoying. I need to buy dog poop bags and more bananas and apples but I'm stuck at home because who wants to take the bus or walk anywhere? Not me.

Spending my money on practical things really irks me, on a deep and fundamental level, but it's really great that I can afford to buy new tires for my car and make my vehicle safe to drive in. I feel so adult and responsible! I also put clean sheets on my bed today, which I don't do enough, but I do it way more than I ever did in college or high school or even a couple of years ago. Which was never. I never washed my sheets. My mom did it for me until I moved out, and then it was like... I just never thought to wash them? Horrifying! Clean sheets feel super nice, though. I wash them semi-regularly now. I guess I'm slowly becoming a human who can actually do things and pick up after herself. *pats self on the back a whole bunch*

Getting reeeaaalllly excited about the new season of Game of Thrones! Anyone else? You know you are! I'm pretty sure it's the main reason I can get up day after day -- the knowledge that Game of Thrones exists and is going to be on TV again. HAHAHA just kidding that would be really depressing and weird if that was the main reason I kept living! Ha. What a loser that would make me.

Sportsball! I wish I wasn't too terrified of bros to go into a sports bar, because I'd totally go into a sports bar to watch sportsball. I wanna WIN!

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