Monday, April 4, 2011

Decaf Blogging

Behold my deadened, seemingly sightless eyes. I'm staring into the void because I didn't have a Dr Pepper immediately upon my return home from work. Instead I spent an hour and a half sitting on the bed, talking with Greg. One of the topics covered was, am I allowed to snog Benedict Cumberbatch if he chats me up in London (because this would totally happen). The answer is no, I am not. This is thoroughly disappointing, but at least I'm allowed to take pictures if I come across David Tennant snogging Matt Smith? Fair deal, Greg... fair deal.

I'm wearing: F21 skirt and belt, H&M blouse, thrifted scarf, Old Navy cardigan.

Mmmm yeah look at my wrinkly skirt. You like those wrinkles? Yeah I bet you do. You like those wrinkles in my skirt. Aw yeah. Uh-huh.

...I don't know. I'm dead inside from lack of caffeine. Oh but I finished A Matter of Magic finally! It was adorable and fun and awesome, naturally, since Patricia C. Wrede is pretty much one of the best YA authors ever. I'm now trying to decide whether I should read A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin next, or The House on Durrow Street, which is the sequel to a book I read a last fall (The Magicians and Mrs Quent by Galen Beckett). I want to start A Game of Thrones, since I've heard so much about it, but I'm looking forward to the upcoming show on HBO and I'm worried that if I read the book first I'll nitpick the show and won't enjoy it as much. So, for sanity's sake, I may just read it once I'm done watching the show.

Bah! So many books. And I want to make a Powell's trip soon, too. I've been really enjoying The Walking Dead, and I'd love to read more graphic novels and comics while at work. Any recommendations? I've already read Scott Pilgrim, but that's about it in the way of comics. I'm such a geek failure.


Heather said...

I want to go shopping with you at H&M, because you seem to find the best stuff. My H&M sucks, boo. Anyway, you are adorable even in a wrinkly skirt. If there is one girl that could pull it off, it would be the super awesome chick from bow ties are cool. ;)

I'm glad you and Greg had that talk, at least you got it cleared up, even though you didn't get the answer you wanted. Jeff and I have had this talk about my favorite Red Wings player who I have literally swooned over twice in real life, too sexy! He also said no, wtf boys?! :P

.Alyspank said...

Yay you drug me away from anatomy study guide making :D To thank you, Imma bake you a cake and send it in the mail.

I SUPPOSE that deal is fair.... although, him saying no to the initial proposition hints that he thinks you meeting BCumbz is entirely possible. You may not be able to make out with him, but Greg apparently thinks you will meet him.....and you can then undress him with your eyes. Greg wouldnt have to know about that since it isn't cheating :D

I do love your wrinkly skirt. Especially the color of it. I love me some bold blues! Looks great with the ruffles up top and that way awesomely printed scarf.

Not going to lie, my prescription makes me feel drugged out of my mind. So im going to go ahead and apologize for this entire comment and the cluster fuck it probably is. After all, it's the polite thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Cute earrings! Where are they from?

My best graphic novel recommendation is Asterios Polyp by David Mazzuccheli. A bit pricey, but well worth the read! It's a thoroughly fascinating story with great artwork and terrific design

emma basilone said...

<3 this outfit! That scarf is so cute!!

ellie said...

Have you read/heard about the Sandman series? It's so good! Definitely my favorite graphic novel, and even among my favorite books! :)

Rachel said...

Graphic novel recs? Yes m'lady:
Batman: The Killing Joke
Batman: The Long Halloween
V for Vendetta
Y the Last Man
Anything by Daniel Clowes!

I guess I haven't really read that many. I'm excited for Game of Thrones too! And I just watched The Killing last night; it's a slow start but I think it'll end up pretty good.("You my ride, Linda!" lol)

Louise said...

Your wrinkly skirt makes me so horny.

Ahem... The Sandman series is my favorite of all time! I haven't read to many graphic novels, but these are beautiful and amazing.

Love your makeshift ascot!

JennaStevie said...

This post made me really laugh, all that "like my wrinkly skirt" haha. Good stuff.
I love this top with the blue skirt and cardigan. Such a great combination with your scarf too

HollyElise said...

I second the Sandman suggestion, as well as the Hellboy graphic novels. They're awesome!!
You look great :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love the earrings and these pics are just plain fun!

Kate said...

I don't think I would have taken no for an answer. Or you can just kiss and not tell? I told my boyfriend when we first started dating that if I ever were to meet Ryan Reynolds all bets were off. He said fine, but only if the same were true of him and Natalie Portman. She is a smart one, and gorgeous, so I can't fault him there.

Also, as others said, even in a wrinkly skirt you manage to look fantastic. Well done!

Between Laundry Days said...

Ditto Louise's comment re: the wrinkly skirt.

Also, I love the adorable ascot and bold earrings with this outfit. Accessories for the win!

Sofie said...

Love those pics <3
Check out my blog if you like :)
And don;t forget to click on some adds :D

Adventures in Fashion said...

No a "geek failure," my love; a complete and utter rockstar! Your little "Megisms" never cease to delight me... I do, in fact, like your wrinkles! How ever did you know? ;)


elspeth angharad said...

How lovely!!
I love the blog, xx

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

I love this outfit. I love the way you tied the scarf. I need to try that now.

And I TOTALLY think you should be allowed to snog Benedict Cumberbatch! Doesn't everyone get one celeb "cheat pass"?

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

sometimes it is fun to have wrinkly skirts.

That is good that Greg would disapprove of you kissing someone who isn't him. hehe. I love the word "snog".

you told me before about your Escaflowne love. <3

gee said...

i hate ironing.
it is one of the worst chores in the whole wide world.
i need to learn your amazing ways of tying scarfs. you always look so lovely in them.
i believe everyone gets one celeb kiss...mine would be tom hardy..yummm.

Lydia said...

Very cute. I love the scarf.

Amber Blue Bird said...

your outfits are always so cute and so you. Great look and love those earrings. I tend to always read a book before watching the film or tv version and I always end up nitpicking the non-book version. Its just so hard to make a great film/tv version of a book..the book almost always wins out for me

Michal said...

Meg you are the prettiest!!! Believe me I look a LOT worse without caffeine. It's terrible. My right eye is the tiniest bit bigger than my left and it's really noticeable if I haven't had coffee and I look like a train wreck. It's bad. Anywaays, I love this outfit SO much. Your hair looks so cute like that & the scarf is perfect!! Also, I'm glad you had your talk with Greg, even if he was a bit too strict. ^_^

April, Everyday Forgotten said...

Love the skirt and the colour! I never iron my clothes its terrible, my gran told me off the other day for wearing an un-ironed cardigan haha! Also, how cute is your necktie/scarf?! I really need to actually start reading more books, I'm terrible for not reading! Have a good week!

Felicia said...

I love the scarf! And the wrinkles in your skirt. :)

Graphic novel recommendations? I haven't read that many but Watchmen, Persepolis and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen were all enjoyable. I heard American Born Chinese is really good too!

Just stumbled on your blog and I'm now following!

Kellie W. said...

If you come across David Tennant snogging Matt Smith, CAPTURE THEM AND SEND THEM TO ME!...well, let them finish snogging first. Interrupting would just be rude. But THEN capture them, and we'll share them!

She is Sara said...

I really need to go to a damn H&M!!! You look so cute! I have the same conversations with Kyle, if I ever meet Rivers Cuomo, Zach Braff, Seth Green, etc. Can has a snog?? No. Always no. LAME.

The Cat Hag said...

Such a cute outfit, you have such lovely skin and beautiful eyes.

The Cat Hag

Vicki said...

haha your conversation wiht greg made me laugh! i have conversations like this with dave all the time! :) love the neck scarf! x

MJ said...

David Tennant AND Matt Smith? I wouldn't be able to take photos, I'd be too busy fainting...