Thursday, September 20, 2012

Outfit no. 2

Skirt & necklace: Primark, top & earrings: H&M, shoes: New Look

Quick post today, as Greg and I are about to venture to Best Buy to get Borderlands 2! Well stoked, as it has co-op mode and I'm dying to play a new video game. Will let you know what I think after we've played a bit.

This skirt is one of the few things I've bought at Primark that didn't fall apart or end up being really awful quality, and I love it! It's actually quite weather inappropriate as it's got an almost felt-y, woolly texture, and the little black bows have a velvety texture, but I couldn't care less about dressing appropriately for the weather! I want it to be fall so I will wear fall skirts OKAY.

Embarrassing story about the skirt, though. I was on my way to Little, Brown in London for my work placement in March, and I ended up standing on the tube right next to a girl who was sitting down and wearing the exact same skirt. I tried really hard to play it cool but it's kinda difficult when you're crammed together like sardines in the rush hour crowd. I've also sat right across from someone on the tube wearing these exact same flats, but with silver sparkles instead of gold. High street fashion YES!! So many opportunities for individuality.

I love this necklace, and I bought it because I saw it on LLYMLRS and I'm a shameless copycat when it comes to ~fashion~. I have a super hard time wearing it though, as 1. I hate pink for the most part, and 2. I don't know what it goes with? I feel pretty okay about its place in this outfit but I JUST DON'T KNOW; what do you think?

And lastly let's have a gratuitous shot of my TARDIS tattoo because "A Town Called Mercy" was a really great episode and Doctor Who is always relevant.

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